Mail Order Moonlight Book Cover Mail Order Moonlight
Brides of Seattle Book 4
Cynthia Woolf
Historical Western Romance
Firehouse Publishing
September 12, 2018

Nicole Wescott had many secrets and became a mail-order bride to escape them. Little did she know she’d run into a monster worse than any she’d faced before.

Michael Talbot had his world shattered when his fiancée married another. Now he’s sworn off women, but the weeping of the woman in the stable had him changing his mind and marrying her the same day he found her.

Michael and Nicole must learn to trust each other even as danger and a killer stalks them. Can trust turn to love?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Michael Talbot’s heart was not in the family lumber business but in owning a horse ranch and marrying his boss’s daughter. Unfortunately Michael’s dreams came crashing down when his fiance Ada chose to marry her father’s lawyer leaving Michael heartbroken and like his brothers before him unwilling to love again.

Michael’s sister-in-laws refuse to allow Michael to wallow in self-pity and practically push Nicole Wescott, one of the hundred mail order brides the brothers brought to Seattle into his arms. Michael feels an attraction to Nicole and promises her he will return when the house and barn he is building on his ranch are done. Once again he finds himself disappointed when he discovers that Nicole is to marry Clay Mathers and once again he is ready to leave. The sound of crying brought Michael face to face with Nicole who had a broken jaw, broken nose and broken ribs not to mention a stab wound and bruises.

Michael’s sister-in-laws once again interferred begging Nicole to put off marrying Clay until she knew him better but when she told Clay his reaction was a drunken attack. Michael proposed to Nicole just before bringing her to Karen for help a proposal she accepted. It was that very night that they were married.

Nicole had a very sad childhood, she was abused by her cousins and when discovering what happened her father killed himself. Alone, she signed up to be a mail order bride moving to Seattle and now married to Michael Talbot. She knew about his broken engagement and that he would probably never love her but she came into the marriage sullied thanks to her cousins. She wants children but sex is something that always meant pain and Michael knows he has a long wait ahead of him before she will totally trust him.

Another wonderful story by Ms. Woolf and another story of a Talbot brother unwilling to open their heart to another woman only to discover that the heart wants what the heart wants and overrides what the head says. There is suspense since there is no way that Clay is going away without a fight and two people who have to find the love they never believed possible for them.