Malcom Book Cover Malcom
The Alphas Book 1
Jessica Cage
Fantasy Romance
July 31, 2014

Review by Jennifer Kost

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book follows the story of Malcom, an exiled werewolf who after suffering great loss at the hands of his former Alpha Vincent in his past wants nothing more than to be left alone by everyone.  However, everyone from his past starts showing up wanting more than he is willing to offer.

Malcom is another werewolf/vampire novel, but I loved the fact that this story focuses on the Alpha psyche instead of getting caught up in the furriness.  Many of the story elements have been written about before, but in Malcom things get a little twisted from “normal”.  Relationships and interactions are not always what you expect them to be, but are presented in a plausible manner.

I love and hate Malcom at the same time.  He is loyal and vulnerable and has a good heart, but at the same time I wanted to yell at him to keep his pants on!  Oh Malcom, you have your choice of great women, just commit!!

I love that the author named the “villain” Vincent… Sorry to anyone named Vincent, but it always comes across as smarmy to me.

All of the women in the book need to move on.  Oh man, to be such strong characters, they came across as needy and a little desperate.

Please don’t take any of the comments so far as a negative!  I absolutely became emotionally invested in this book (reading the entirety in less than 24hrs) and its characters.  The sneak peek at the end shows Book 2 to be about EXACTLY who I wanted to know more about!!!

Now, if I loved this book so much, why did I not give it 5 stars???  I downgraded what I wanted to mark as a 5 solely due to the book needing a final proof by new eyes.  More than a dozen errors were found of all kinds, including error in the synopsis.  A clean copy is easily a 5 in my estimation.  Great book.