Matching Bloodlines Book Cover Matching Bloodlines
The Princeton Allegiant Series Book 3
Deborah Garland
Paranormal Romance
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
December 4, 2019

Vampires don’t date. They possess.

Nothing could have prepared Francisco St. Claire for bachelorhood after three centuries of being mated. The serious and scary Commander of the Princeton Allegiant is now heartbroken and that makes him one dangerous vampire.

When the ruling lords demand he hire a matchmaker to find a new mate, the loyal commander follows orders, but vows he’ll never love another woman ever again. She’ll be a mate in name only.

Princeton Matchmaker, Charlotte Kincaid is drowning in debt. She’s so desperate for cash, she agrees to find a ‘mate’ for a mysterious rich businessman who turns out to be a vampire. If only this intoxicating French man with the most sensuous lips she’s ever seen wasn’t her client.

Since meeting Charlotte, Francisco’s emotions and senses have awoken, including his primal need for a woman’s body against his. But if he takes Charlotte to mate and turns her, she can’t find matches for the rest of his unmated vampires.

Will the Princeton Allegiant Commander show his strength by mating with the woman he craves or will he continue to follow orders?

Never match a vampire with the wrong mate…

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Francisco St. Claire is the commander of the Princeton Allegiant but for the first time in three hundred years he is without his mate. It has been thirty years since Sophia went missing and thirty years too many leaving him with thoughts of suicide.

Loren now in charge has ordered that Francisco’s Allegiant go to a matchmaker and find mates including one for himself. As the commander it is up to him to set an example which is the last thing he wants to do until he comes face to face with Charlotte Kincaid the owner of an elite dating service. As soon as he set eyes on her he knew that the only one he wanted was her only that would mean she would not be available to help the others in his Allegiant, so she was off limits.

Charlotte has been caring for her sick sister Ashleigh who is in need of a kidney transplant and every penny she earns has gone to her care. When she is approached by Loren and Francisco and it is revealed to her that they are vampires she knows she wants the gorgeous vampire standing in front of her but like Francisco she knows that she can’t be with a client and she needs this contract to enable her to pay for her sister’s transplant.

Charlotte gets to know Francisco in order to ascertain whether it would be safe for her to introduce human women to vampires and then be turned themselves. The more she and Francisco spend time together the more she dreams of being his mate and the more she falls for him but Ashleigh is her first priority in spite of how rude she is to her and unappreciative.

When rogues make an appearance and Charlotte sees up front and personal what being a vampire really is it still doesn’t change her mind she knows in her heart that Francisco would never hurt her but she has to watch as he picks another woman to mate with.

This was a beautiful story and I loved it since I love vampire books and although this is a series there is no cliffhanger and each book can be read as a standalone but why miss out on some amazing stories. Each book does contain characters from previous books so why not read their stories and learn about them first hand. I have found a new author who writes about vampires so I have added her to my favorites such as J.R. Ward. These are not the vampires of nightmares and I wish there was a movie of this book so I could see these gorgeous vamps in person but is there a human that could fill that role.