Midlife Magic: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel Book Cover Midlife Magic: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel
Not Too Late Book 1
Victoria Danann
Paranormal Humorous Woman's Fantasy Fiction
Independently Published
October 1, 2020


The day after my forty-third birthday, my husband announced he was trading me in. His words, not mine. The news was unwelcome at the time, but honestly? I needed a good goosing to get up and find my way to the door.

So. I was freed from the manual of expectations authored by my ex that had, over the years, grown into an encyclopedia of what a wife "should" be and do. The freedom was the good news. The flip side was less happy. Due to living in a state not friendly to discarded wives, I was also relieved of the financial 'security' I'd spent a lifetime accruing.

Starting over? I didn't plan on it. Didn't see it coming. But pulling a sheet over my head and waiting for the end didn't seem like my style. Granted. I wasn't sure what my style was because I hadn't thought about freedom of expression since I was twenty.

I'd never been a fan of optimistic adages like 'it's not too late', but that was before my life was divided into two parts; everything that came before the mysterious package and everything after. Fate shot me with a lightning bolt of attitude adjustment and thrust me head first into an adventure that was unforeseeable to say the least. If you'd told me what my life was going to be like, I would have used every synonym for crazy you've ever heard.

I 'inherited' a curious antique store in a tiny, picturesque English village where the world of fae magic lives side by side with the mundane. But that's far from all. Eight times a year, I receive magical dignitaries and magical lowborn alike and mediate their disputes; some comical, some deadly serious.

It may be too late for super shiny hair, going without a bra, or sleeping eight hours without a potty break. But it seems that it's not too late for navigating magical politics, expatriating, romance, and saving the world.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild  Review Team     

Rita Hayworth, yes that was the actual name her parent’s blessed her with, turned 43 and a day later her husband of twenty years announced he was leaving her for two twenty-two year olds, haha, not funny. Her daughter is in college, her future prospects are not looking good and then a package is delivered to her that would change her life.


She receives a document that she has inherited retail property in Eden of England, a home, a car and money. She also received a passport, first class plane ticket and charge card. It all seemed too good to be true but with courage from a bottle of wine she decides she has nothing to lose and sets out for what could be a new beginning.


Her first surprise is an Alfa Romeo car that is hers guaranteed to get her to where she has to go and guaranteed to shock her. The car is equipped with a GPS but more than that the car converses with her and takes over driving while she tries to come to terms with what is happening. She is now the owner of Hallows Antiques & Treasures with a woman named Maggie to help her. She has entered a world of magic but is totally unaware of what she is about to face.


Lochlan meets with her and he is the attorney who sent her the information and is about to introduce her to her new life, her life as the next Magistrate presiding over disputes between parties all from the magical world. It is a lifetime job where she will be honored, protected and have everything monetary she could want but she is not about to jump into anything without asking every question she can come up with.


Lochlan meets her as an old man but when she puts on a pair of magical red shoes she sees the real Lochlan, an elf married to Ivy a pixie. It is hard not to believe everything she is seeing especially when Ivy comes flying in spreading pixie dust. The town is filled with magical people, goblins, witches, vampires, banshee and the list goes on. When she meets Keir Culain who comes off as a human she is about to get another lesson in the unbelievable. 


Keir is part of the magical world but I won’t reveal what he is. He and Rita find themselves attracted to each other but thanks to her ex-husband her confidence level is at an all time low and even imagining being with someone like Keir is beyond her expectations. Rita learns something new everyday and she is constantly reminded that “The Powers That Be are never wrong. She accepts the fact that there are paranormal creatures alive and well living in town and not just imaginary beings in books.


I enjoyed all the changes Rita had to accept in her life and just the fact that she is human and American brought quite a few chuckles from me, what she considers a joke everyone around her seems to take seriously now they as well as her have some learning to do. What happens between Keir and Rita and whether she accepts the job as the new Magistrate is not for me to say what I will say is that I finished this book right after our Congress was attacked, people died our democracy was threatened and while we are living through a pandemic so this trip with Rita through a magical world was just the release I needed.


I can’t wait for book two, oops I have book two sorry I mean I can’t wait to read it because there is much more coming.