Mistrust Book Cover Mistrust
Death Dwellers MC #6.5
Kathryn Kelly
Suspense/Crime Thriller
January 6, 2017


Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Another wonderful story about the Death Dwellers MC. This time the focus is on Roxanne (Roxy), Bailey’s mom, and Mortician’s mother-in-law. Roxy’s cancer has finally gone into remission and she is living with Bailey and Mortician. Roxy is like a mother to so many of the Death Dwellers, and she is loved by all. Everything changes when Brooks hires a legal assistant, Knox Harrington, someone who Christopher is immediately suspicious of.

Christopher’s instincts have never let him down. He enlists Roxy’s help in finding out what Knox is up to. Knox is an ex-cop and is now a private investigator. Christopher is right, he is at the club to bring it down on behalf of his Uncle Avalon. Avalon is out to avenge the law office and the lawyers that lost everything because of the Death Dwellers MC. Brooks’ wife, Charlotte, has convinced Knox that the club deals in selling women and children and he is determined to bring everyone to justice.

Knox wears a wire and is always trying to incite Christopher, hoping he will reveal something that can be brought to the FBI. Since Christopher doesn’t trust Knox, nothing is ever revealed and that is when Knox decides to use Roxy for information. He was instantly drawn to her in spite of her being ten years older than him and has no idea that she is using him as well. Knox was sure he could also get Kendall on his side, but he totally misjudged her. For once she was on the side of the club and her husband.

The relationship between Roxy and Knox grows to something neither expected. It is a question as to who will win and succeed in getting the information they are seeking. The biggest obstacle facing Knox is his arrogance and his belief that because he is educated he is smarter than Christopher. His misjudgment of Christopher and the club members is his greatest failure. Christopher is a man who doesn’t know how to have a conversation without using every curse world he knows. He kills without hesitation and will beat anyone if he feels they deserve it. In spite of that, he is a loyal, loving man and protective towards those he loves, especially his wife, Megan, and his children. Knox has book smarts, but Christopher has street smarts.

My favorite part of this series is the love between Megan and Christopher and my least favorite part is the relationship between Johnnie and his wife Kendall. It is very hard to find a reason to like either one of them. I also loved little CJ, Megan and Christopher’s son. He is definitely a chip off the old block and cute as a button. There is a constant use of foul language, sex and violence but I still loved the series. If you love biker books and are not turned off by the use of the F word, and I mean constant use, then don’t miss this series. I recommend starting with book one.