Moon Promise Book Cover Moon Promise
The Wild Pack Book 1
Carmen Fox
Paranormal Romance/Shifter
Smart Heart Publishing
June 5, 2018

Private eye by day. Alpha by nature.

All her life, Kensi has dreamed of being an alpha werewolf. The trouble is, she can’t shift. And she’s tried everything: meditation, mind-expanding drugs, even squeezing real hard. Despite her lack of success, she’s not giving up. Her plan B? Offering her talents as a private eye to the Wild Pack. If she can locate their missing werewolf, they're bound to support her claim to lead.

Dominant, stubborn and searing hot Drake is assigned to be her guide, and he’s just too damn good at his job. His hard chest bumps into her as he stalks her every move, while his mercury eyes watch her all the time, tearing down her defenses bit by bit. Maybe she got it wrong and being an alpha isn't the only thing she wants.

But when the missing girl turns up dead, Drake’s story unravels. Putting her ambitions on the line, Kensi sets out to prove whether the man she loves is as innocent as she hopes—or as guilty as she fears.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Kensington has always dreamed of being an alpha, of excerting her dominance and running free as a wolf, unfortunately it is all dreams because she is unable to shift and unable to excert her dominance. Kensi’s father is the King of his pack in Germany and as the princess she is the heir apparent to the crown but what if her secret is revealed, what if it is discovered that she can’t shift.

Kensi has been living in Chicago among humans and working as a private investigator. Her newest job is for the Wild Pack in Colorado who are searching for a missing girl. In spite of the fact that Kensi refused the assignment Jonah the alpha went over her head and her father was insistent that she go.

Jonah has promised his pack that her disappearance would be solved by the next full moon and is relying on Kensi’s abilities as an investigator to make his promise come true. He has assigned Drake one of his protectors to assist her and it is not something she is happy with especially when she and Drake butt heads every time they are near each other.

Kensi’s father wants her to help Jonah and gain his trust so when she takes over for him she will have an ally. He also wants her to begin a journey to find her mother’s relatives and discover who her mother was and where she came from. It is in the woods where she is searching for the missing girl that her mother lived and met her father. Now unfortunately the travelers as her mother’s people were known are no longer in existence and she finds herself having to get help from Drake who has a great deal of knowledge about the area.

Leo another of Jonah’s protectors can’t hide his attraction to Kensi and manages to get her alone whenever Drake is unavailable. There is no love between the two shifters and Kensi is only making things worse for them. Although she likes Leo she finds herself falling for Drake and although she knows a relationship is out of the question she is willing to take what she can as long as she is on the job.

The missing girl is found dead and evidence begins to point at Drake but Kensi doesn’t want to believe it is him and that everything they have found against him is a lie but insisting on revealing what she knows to the police and to the alpha puts her life in jeopardy because someone out there has another idea and that is to stop her in any way necessary.

There are secrets revealed about her mother that I found to be the best part of this book. There are surprises, sex and betrayal. I recommend this book to anyone who loves werewolves.