Moonspell Book Cover Moonspell
Vicki Crum
Paranormal Romance, Shifters
Rebecca J. Vickery
January 27, 2017

Reed Montgomery’s life is perfect. With a flourishing business, a condo by the sea, and a social calendar any red-blooded bachelor would envy, he can’t imagine anything that could make him happier—until Marin Sawyer walks into his office in search of investment advice. He’s immediately smitten with the dark-haired beauty, and determined to have her at any cost.

A serious relationship isn’t on Marin’s radar right now, but a fling with a handsome man like Reed might be the perfect way to let off a little steam. The charming and oh-so-sexy human is impossible to resist, but when Marin settles down with a permanent mate it will be with a werewolf, like herself. Her father, the powerful Alpha of their pack, has decreed it should be so and Marin is nothing if not the dutiful daughter.

But things get complicated when Reed starts playing for keeps. Suddenly he’s making plans for the future, plans that include Marin—until he discovers the devastating secret she’s been hiding. Can Reed overcome what he sees as the ultimate betrayal? Will he fight to keep the gorgeous werewolf for himself—or forfeit the only woman to ever succeed in capturing his heart?

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Reed Montgomery is living a great life, his investment firm is doing well, he has a condo, and no lack of women. The only problem in his life is that he has to accept the fact that his best friend Jake Benedict and his sister Casey are werewolves. Now what Reed thought was a legend turned out to be a reality, not just a reality but his reality. His mother was a werewolf and his father human, and only his sister could become a werewolf. Casey had no idea she was a wolf until she met and fell in love with Jake. That was when she turned for the first time.

In spite of the werewolves in his family, Reed is happy with his life. Everything changes when a new client, Marin Sawyer, walks into his office. From the minute the two saw each other, there was an instant attraction. Marin is seeking investment advice for her father who runs a million dollar company, but is also the alpha of their pack. Marin can’t get out of Reed’s office fast enough because she knows she is required to mate with another werewolf, definitely not a human. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to get him out of her mind and accepts an invitation to dinner.

Reed, who once wanted no attachments, now finds himself obsessed with Marin. He is willing to do anything to get her into bed. For the first time ever, other women do not seem to get him in the mood. Marin is also fighting her attraction to Reed because she knows it can go nowhere. She is trying to be the one to follow in her father’s footsteps with the business and to marry one of her own. Her two brothers went out on their own and left her to do what they should have done, marry one of their own and work in the business.

Reed works very hard to get Marin, and their desire for each other grows stronger every time they see each other. In spite of the fact that she knows the relationship can go nowhere, she is willing to take what she can get. Everything is going great until a visit from one of her brothers and a visit from Reed’s sister and fiance, Jake. Reed has no idea that the woman he loves is a werewolf. Marin is hesitant to tell him, but the shit is about to hit the fan.

This was a wonderful book about a man who can’t accept that werewolves exist and a woman he falls in love with that is one. When and if he finds out, will he be able to accept the other half of Marin or will their relationship end. Is Marin willing to forget her duty to her father for the man she loves? Even if she is ready will Reed accept her?