Moonrisers Book Cover Moonrisers
A Moonriser Werewolf Mystery, Book 1
Jeri Westerson
Mystery, Werewolf Shapeshifter, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, M/F Romance
Dragua Press
March 2, 2020

Jeff Chase got caught up in a little supernatural trouble back east a few months back, like big time. Getting bitten by the First Werewolf was as big as it gets.

After a period of adjustment, he returned back to his own tea and spice shop in Huntington Beach, California to start life over. But more importantly, he wanted to find others of his kind. After all, werewolves have been around for as long as humans have existed. Surely they’re everywhere! Maybe hiding. And then he finds them. But they weren’t too happy to be found. Jeff soon discovered that having deep roots in the werewolf community is the only thing that matters to a pack, and he has no pack at all. And to make matters worse, he thinks they’re responsible for a string of murders being blamed on a local surf gang. He thought he’d get some help from a local Voodoo coven, and one of them in particular is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen… And old Jeff has seen a lot. But he can’t reveal his own terrible secret when he learns that werewolves are killed on sight in Haiti where the Voodoo coven comes from.

It’s up to Jeff to find a murderer, make a choice between joining a pack and belonging somewhere…or falling for a Voodoo witch with deep secrets.

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Reviewed by Phoebe Matthews

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Jeri Westerson warns readers that it might be best to read the “Booke of the Hidden” series before reading this spin-off trilogy which starts with Moonrisers: A Moonriser Werewolf Mystery. It can be read as a standalone, but as a reader you might understand Jeff better if you read the series she recommends. Jeff refers to events that happened in that series.

I had not read the trilogy and I still enjoyed Moonrisers. I guessed right away who the killer was, but that was okay. The secondary characters that Westerson has created more than make up for the easy part of the mystery. I absolutely adore almost all of the secondary characters, especially the Aunties. For some reason, I am not a fan of Liam and Cam. I do not know why. I cannot put my finger on it, but Cam seems really shallow and Liam seems like he could cause problems down the road with his potential religious zeal. We will see.

Westerson has created an interesting character in Jeff and I think to truly understand his growth, I will have to read the Booke series and see how he became a werewolf. There are some inconsistencies in his story in this book where he waffles on how it ended with “his big bad.”  So I am just curious.

Westerson has me hooked into seeing where this mystery goes. The title actually gives away what is coming because the title is the name of the pack that Jeff did not join and they were not really in this book. (Things that make you say “hmmmm…”.) So, who is grabbing a board and catching a wave, while we wait for the next one? See you on the beach!