Mountain Blaze Book Cover Mountain Blaze
The Carolina Series
Debby Grahl
Western Holiday Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
November 2, 2020

Rodeo star Dillon McCoy comes home to the mountains of North Carolina to lick his wounds and take over running the family ranch, the Lazy M, unaware danger awaits. Diana Thompson is having doubts about her engagement to Trent Sawyer. Needing time away, she agrees to leave Chapel Hill and spend Thanksgiving with her friend Jenn at her ranch. When Diana and Dillon meet, neither can deny their attraction, but both must resolve past relationships before giving in to their desire. Danger lurks after Dillon turns down an anonymous offer to purchase the ranch. And when a body is found, Dillon is determined to discover who wants the McCoy land bad enough to commit murder. Can he and Diana elude the killer while the sparks of their newfound love grow?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Diana Thompson grew up with money and is engaged to the man who meets her parent’s approval except with only four months till the big day she is having second thoughts. Trent doesn’t set her heart on fire, sex is okay but no fire works so is marriage right for her especially when she knows without a doubt that she doesn’t love him the way she should.


When her best friend Jenn convinces her to go to her family’s horse ranch for Thanksgiving and with Trent off skiing she jumps at the chance to get away and clear her mind but one look at Jenn’s cousin Dillon McCoy, makes her complicated life way more complicated.


Dillon is a cowboy and has won medals at rodeos he performed in. His medals and a beautiful girl eager to be with him blinded him to what she really was, a cheater looking for the next guy to give her the life she expects. Now in the middle of a divorce he sees Diana and is immediately attracted to her.


Diana grew up in a home where roughing it was a five star hotel and now she is on a ranch where everything she grew up with is different. A family, who loves, laughs and has no trouble showing their emotions very unlike her parents. Heels are a no-no and of course boots are not something she has. When Jenn tells her to wear something casual she thinks she is, wrong, wrong, wrong, heels on a ranch, a cashmere sweater on a ranch are also a  no-no.


Diana and Dillon see something in each other that they have always been searching for but he is not divorced and she is still engaged. His wife is not going away without causing trouble and Diana will learn about the man she was going to marry and it isn’t pretty.


If the entire book was about Diana and Dillon finding true love it would have been good enough for me but it was much more than that. Someone wants the family ranch and is willing to kill to get it. Secrets, murder, and surprises in addition to a love story makes this book a must read