Murder Most Lovely Book Cover Murder Most Lovely
Lacetown Murder Mysteries Book 1
Hank Edwards & Deanna Wadsworth
M/M Mystery
Dreamspinner Press
April 30, 2019

A killer at a small-town literary festival. Bumbling drug dealers. A kidnapped cat. Starting a romance among all this chaos might be the death of them.

Michael Fleishman is excited to meet his favorite mystery writer, Russell Withingham, at Lacetown’s Literary Fest. He is not expecting to cross paths with sexy hairdresser Jasper “Jazz” Dilworth—or become embroiled in a real-life mystery. As Lacetown’s only mortician and the county coroner, Michael is called to his first murder scene and is shocked to recognize the victim—Russell’s young lover.

Jazz only wanted to confront his ex, Russell, over his cheating. Instead, he meets the adorably awkward Michael and becomes a murder suspect. Soon Jazz is teaming up with Michael to clear his name. Along the way, they are helped and hindered by Michael’s sassy assistant, Kitty, the grumpy Sheriff Musgrave, Russell’s creepy PR rep, Norbert, and Michael’s lothario grandfather, who likes his manhattans strong and his women saucy. And of course, Mr. Pickles Furryton the Third….

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Michael Fleishman is the county Coroner in Lacetown, Michigan and the owner of Fleishman Funeral Home and a huge fan of Russell Withingham his favorite mystery writer. The town is having a Library Fest and Mr. Withingham is there for a signing and Michael is there with a bag of ten books waiting his turn in line. The rain has not been a deterrent especially for him and before long he is sharing his huge umbrella with a handsome man named Jasper (Jazz) Dilworth a hairdresser in town.

Michael assumed that like him Jazz was a Withingham fan but that was so not the case, Jazz is married to Russell although they are separated and he is there to confront his husband about money he is owed. Accompanying Russell is his new love, Dylan Roberts and his PR man Norbert, Dylan was one of the reasons Jazz finally left because he was just one of many. A confrontation between the two men happened but not before Michael got his books signed.

Michael is a shy man and hopes that he and Jazz can meet up again but he is not going to pursue anything on his own.

When a dead body is discovered missing his hands Michael immediately recognizes the man he saw at the book signing, Russell’s lover Dylan and as the county coroner he now has the perfect excuse to call Jazz who undoubtedly will be a suspect and who knows about the victim. In spite of the fact that Dylan might be responsible for the death Michael still willingly sees him for dinner and hopes beyond hope that things will go much further in time.

Jazz has never had a relationship, even with Russell that didn’t peter out after time but he feels that he has finally met the “one”, the “one” who will last. When condoms filled with heroin are discovered shoved up Dylan’s rear it begins to point to a murder by drug dealers and with Dylan apparently off the hook things between him and Michael heat up.

This book was filled with some of the most unique characters, Sheriff Musgrave a rude homophobe, Mr. Pickles Furryton the Third, Michael’s cat who was named after his favorite drink, pickle juice and who finds himself catnapped, Norbert who only wants to be Russell’s next lover and Russell Withingham himself, a man whose love of kinky sex goes above and beyond, in fact I will never look at a carrot the same way again.

A mystery filled with explicit sex and some very laugh out loud moments.