My Life to Take Book Cover My Life to Take
A Demon's Love Book 2
Magali A. Fréchette
Dark Paranormal Romance/Suspense
Evernight Publishing
September 2, 2018

Everything Celina thought she knew was a lie.

Her husband’s murder, her family’s religion…nothing was what it seemed. The avenging blood on her hands is barely dry, but she’ll do whatever it takes to save this unshakable proof of their love. Even swallow her terror to fulfill the bargain that was sealed on a bed of lies.

But there’s little time for tender reconciliation. Demons are being murdered, their mutilated bodies marked with cryptic threats only Celina can decipher. When visions of the massacres plague her at every turn, Kai sends her back to the human world in the care of the demon she fears most.

Secured in Shiriki’s high rise, she must uncover her own shrouded history. The key to saving the dark realm lies in her past, but an angel with a diabolical mind may lead to their destruction.

I want to state from the beginning of this review that if you have not read book one “My Soul to Give” then I definitely recommend putting down this review and picking up book one. There is no doubt that I will be giving away spoilers pertaining to the first book and that would ruin the series for you. Book one was filled with suspense, sex,violence,demons, lumen and the beat goes on. Don’t miss out on this series if you love your paranormal romances on the dark side. There were so many surprises, secrets and twists in book one it was hard to believe that book two could have just as many and leave me spellbound.

Celina is living with Mekaisto (Kai) the King of the Dark Realm awaiting the birth of their son. she has made many discoveries about her past and the people she once thought she could trust and who she loved only to discover how wrong she was. Now married to Kai who was once her husband Thomas she is torn between her love for both of them and her distrust for both of them. Thomas and Kai have lied to her about who they were, what they were and what she is. As much as she wants to distance herself from Kai her love for him is not something she can just walk away from even though she has seen his darkest side, or has she.

Her biological father Shirikis, Kai’s second in command still scares the life out of her and just being in his presence shakes her to the core. As dangerous as the dark realm is something or someone is attacking it putting Celina and her unborn child in danger. It is a time when trust is hard to give because demon or human evil lives in both.

There is a traitor and more and more it appears to be a demon but who and why is definitely not something I will reveal. Celina thought there were no more surprises or secrets in her life but she soon finds out that what she knew was just the tip of the iceberg. Can she trust in Kai’s love for her? Why does her biological father hate her? Will their son survive? All questions are answered and you are not left wondering “what happened”. There is explicit violence that is not for those with a weak stomach and the sex is quite unique, but enough said just read this series I don’t think you will regret it.