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Joker's Sin, Book 1
Davidson King
LGBT, Romantic Gay Suspense
Independently published
April 30, 2020

Atlas Durand’s whole world is built from the spoils of his past. Joker’s Sin is the most popular gay club in all of Haven Hart. Many clubs have come and gone, none able to compete with Atlas and his enigmatic power over his patrons. He would do anything to keep it thriving and anyone who stands in his way will be met with serious regrets.

Toby St. Claire hates working at Vick’s Tricks and longs for his nights off so he can go to Joker’s Sin. Like everyone who steps foot into Atlas’s club, he’s taken by the owner himself and the magical pulse that owns him when he’s there. Joker’s Sin is Toby’s escape from his life and Atlas is his dream come true.

When Toby’s boss realizes he can use Toby to help take down Joker’s Sin and make Vick’s Tricks the club to beat in Haven Hart, it turns everything upside down. Lies, deceit, and corruption threaten to tear Atlas and Toby apart. Is their love strong enough to survive it all or will they become victims of mayhem?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another visit to Haven Hart, a town filled with good and bad and sometimes the bad comes out the winner. It is in this town that we meet Atlas and Toby and although the town is the same as the Haven Hart series we do not meet up with any of the previous characters but that is okay because I already fell in love with the amazing characters in this new series.

Joker’s Sin is a gay bar and club owned by Atlas Durand a man who grew up in the foster care system, a man who knows great loss and a man who has made his club his whole world. He loved once and has decided that he would never love again until he met Toby St. Claire.

Toby is a man who works at another club called Vick’s Tricks, a club totally opposite of Joker’s Sin. Vick’s Tricks owned by Vick Keller is a place where the dregs of society frequent. The owner Vick is a man who rules with an iron fist and leaving his employer usually results in the person leaving and never being seen again. Toby always goes to Joker’s Sin whenever he is off only one night he wins a contest and winds up winning dinner with the man he has had the hots for forever.

Everyone wants Atlas and of course Toby knows he has no chance but even one dinner and maybe a kiss would be like winning a great prize. Toby has lived with guilt for years after a climb with his sister left her paralyzed and even though his sister constantly reminds him that it was an accident and she never blamed him he still can’t let go of the pain.

Atlas can’t help but feel something for Toby and wants him to work at his club while Vick sees a way to destroy his competitor. Vick wants Toby to spy for him and agree to work at the club, of course Vick has no intention of letting Toby go once his spying job is over. Toby is determined to protect Atlas and his sister who Vick has made no secret that their lives are in danger.

I am writing this review while quarantined during the pandemic and although like most people I am tired, bored, and trying to accept the new normal I pass the time reading. Unfortunately, I have found myself dragging my feet doing anything, but this book has reignited me because I did not drag myself instead I read the book in a few hours, couldn’t put it down. I know that every reviewer has their own opinion which is true in books, movies and many other venues and the only thing I look for in a review is if the book is a cliffhanger, if it is I pass it by otherwise if the description sounds like something I would enjoy I read it and make up my own mind.

If, like me, you are trying to find something to relieve the boredom of being confined then I strongly recommend reading the Haven Hart series and then this new one, you will either love them like me or decide they aren’t for you but make your own decision. Sex, murder, suspense, romance and amazing characters what is not to like.