Night Demon Book Cover Night Demon
The Night Series - Book 2
Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance
Entangled: Select Otherworld
March 18, 2013

Review by: Christy Duke

Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Camalotz, the Night Demon, brought forth by the Goddess of the Moon, has begun to awaken after more than a millennia trapped underground by the four immortal brothers, Issa, Colin, Kane, and Mulac. The Guardian the brothers created from their blood and magic has arisen, also, and sent out the call for the brothers to return. Camalotz must be imprisoned again, or the mortal world will be destroyed. Already, she grows stronger and keeping her from destruction may no longer be possible.

Lukas hates himself, hates that he is a Night Walker, and in his eyes, an abomination. Lukas was changed by accident and has spent his centuries trying to find a way to end his life. The guilt over those he has fed from and killed weighs heavily upon his mind. Now he is in the Yucatan trying to decipher the Mayan writings for clues, and with his assistant, Gretchen, he feels they might be getting closer. Except lately, he can feel eyes watching him.

Gretchen is one of the most sought after Mayan linguists in the States and has been working with Lukas for the last ten months. She researched him before accepting the position. She expected an odd recluse, but instead, discovered a brilliant man who explores the jungle by day and works all night. Of course, Gretchen has no idea that Lukas is a supernatural creature; she is in for the discovery of a lifetime.

While Lukas and Gretchen try to understand what they have discovered, the four brothers deal with the fact that somehow the Goddess of the Moon has been reincarnated, even though they sacrificed her and burned her heart. Now the brothers must find her, again, and make the sacrifice to keep Camalotz contained. What Lukas has discovered leads him to his maker, Calisto, in San Diego and there he discovers Kate, Calisto’s mate. Quite possibly, Calisto changingKate is what has awoken Camalotz. For, Kate is Ch’en, the Goddess of the Moon.

In the Yucatan, the good guys gather, the four brothers, Calisto, Kate, Marguerite, Lukas and Gretchen, to battle the Demon and put her away forever. In addition, they need to find a way to do that that does not involve sacrificing Kate. I enjoyed this story much as I did the previous ones. The author has a way of mixing historical fact and legend into her story that makes it entertaining. I was disappointed that very little of this story revolved around Lukas and Gretchen’s love, mainly because so much of it centered around the Demon. I really would have liked more interaction between those two, although seeing characters from previous books was nice, too. Overall, it was a fairly good read.