Night Hawk Book Cover Night Hawk
Night Hawk
JE Taylor
Urban Fantasy/Mature
JET Fueled Action

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal

5 *****

There are so many books out there and so many authors, it is hard to wade through all the paranormal stories and find one that is not the same ole, same ole. What a wonderful treat to read J.E. Taylor’s newest release, Night Hawk.

We meet Naomi Hawk in a precarious position, making a decision on whether to let a demon take her to Lucifer or jump out off an eighty foot ledge. Not a good day huh? Through these conversations we learn her boyfriend of two years has sold her out, literally, body and soul to Lucifer. Yeah right, Lucifer the bad, who wants to drain her for her life force. She is told she is a ‘child of the light’ what the heck is that???

Child of the Light or not, Naomi is one strong minded girl who wants to be in control of her own destiny; she decides to jump. As she plummets towards the ground she feels herself being grabbed and is rescued by one angry vampire. Or is she rescued? Her angry savior is Damian, one hot sexy thing, who also wants her death. Surprising him, Naomi turns the tables on him and we have the beginning of a fun fast paced story.

I had no idea Night Hawk would be a vampire story, but yet again an author has turned the tables on me and given me a fast paced story filled with Vampires, Demons, and Archangel Michael thrown in for fear and some comedic moments who I pictured as John Travolta (who starred in the movie of the same name many years ago)

I love the way authors are now alternating POV of some characters by chapter. Ms. Taylor has the ability to do this well and this story alternating between Damian and Naomi is done just right.

I hate to give away any of the storyline, but I will tell you the two characters are written as a yin and yang. Since Damian is very old, he had the calmness of weighing all sides of the issue without jumping into the fray. He has a had huge expectations placed on him by Michael and is trying to honor them. Naomi as I mentioned is the polar opposite and doesn’t think just reacts. The relationship that forms between them shows great chemistry. Although Damian is a vampire, and old in age, he is so tolerant of Naomi and they actually learn from each other. He is such a different kind of vampire.

Wow, where do I begin with the other cameos that appear in this story, which certainly could be fleshed out in another book. Loved Valarie, and of course Michael. The world that JE Taylor opens here is a bit different and one I wouldn’t mind to delve more into in a future story.

As I mentioned the short novel was fast paced for a few hour read., and kept my full attention. I will say though that if there were to be a second story from this world I would surely look forward to read it.


Review by Penelope Adams

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

4.5 ****

You know you are having a bad day when you have to decide between the demon standing in front of you intent on taking you to Lucifer, or a sure death with a fall from an eighty story window. Naomi Hawk is having a bad day. Her worthless boyfriend Mark has not only sold his soul but her life as well for fame and fortune. Naomi’s day is only going to get worse. When she falls right out the window only to be rescued by one good looking mad as nails vampire named Damian, who seems to want the same thing the demon did, her death.

Naomi takes matters into her own hands and turns the tables on Damian, starting a chain reaction of both chaos and questions. Neither is prepared for the events to transpire but both are up to the challenge, they hope.

Author J.E. Taylor takes us on a wild ride full of vampires, shifters, angels and demons, mixing old lore and new concepts for a new view on the paranormal world. Fast paced and full of characters that are so well written that you feel like you are in their heads and know exactly who they are and what they feel, Night Hawk is far from just another vampire book. Ms. Taylor takes the risk of alternating chapters between Naomi and Damian’s point of view, a risk that pays off and allows us to see more than one side to the story.

Naomi is no shrinking violet, she is strong and intelligent, she doesn’t back down from a fight and she isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. I liked her from the beginning and by the end I wanted to be her. Damian is the perfect counterbalance to Naomi’s impulsiveness; he is tolerant of her and both guides and learns from her at the same time. It took me a little longer to warm up to Damian but once I did I was completely taken with him. While the story is Naomi and Damian’s we also get to meet the Archangel Michael, who you really don’t want to make mad and a very brave young human girl named Valerie who I’m hoping we get to see more of in the future.

I’ve read another of Ms. Taylor’s books Dome Warriors, so I knew she was a good writer, but this book far surpasses the other. My one little niggle, and the reason it didn’t quite make it to 5 stars, was I had a little problem getting into the story. I’m not really sure why, but when reading the first few pages I just felt “oh no I’m not going to like this”. After those first pages though, the story really drew me in and I actually read it in one sitting.

Any reader of paranormal/urban fantasy will enjoy this book since it has just about everything one could ask for. In one corner we have good, represented by Naomi, Damian and Archangel Michael, in the other corner there is evil with its leader Lucifer, his demons and Naomi’s slime ball ex-boyfriend Mark. There are vampires and even a surprise appearance by shifters to keep the paranormal readers interested. There is violence and sensuality, neither too graphic but both integral to the story. This is a great opening to what I’m hoping will be a long ongoing series.