Night Thief Book Cover Night Thief
Night series Book 2
Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance
Entangled: Select Otherworld
September 27, 2012

Review by: Christy Duke

Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

The year is 1840, in Paris France, when Marguerite and Kane meet in this novella by Lisa Kessler in her ‘Night’ series. Kane is a Night Walker and has been around for the last 800 years, watching civilization change and evolve. No longer called a god, as the Mayans did, Kane is content to no longer be noticed. So, for the most part, Kane is immune to the human population until one night he catches a glimpse of a beautiful woman, charming a man, only to steal from him. Interesting. It takes him three weeks to find her, but eventually he meets up with the golden thief at a society party.

Marguerite cannot believe her good fortune. The wealthy man she has tried to get close to several times asks her to dance. However, when she steals his gold and ruby encrusted pocket watch, she is startled when he finds her, and even more so when he kisses her. No matter how much Marguerite desires him, she has a responsibility to get as much money as possible. She needs to get her sister and herself away from her master, Antoine, a vampire who manipulates and uses Marguerite for his own sick pleasure.

Marguerite suspects Kane is also a vampire, and confronts him for the truth. Instead he tells her of being a Night Walker, a being that lives in the night, kills only those who are criminals, and are not the undead like vampires are. Kane convinces Marguerite to stay with him and that he can protect her from Antoine. Unfortunately, for Kane, Antoine bribes the police and they come to Kane’s home and take Marguerite away during the day and return her to Antoine.

So Kane goes to fight Antoine and get Marguerite back. However, while saving Marguerite and her cousin, Callia, a fire starts and Antoine escapes. While Kane rescues the women, Marguerite is afraid to trust her heart again and be betrayed by another man she once loved. It will take everything both Kane and Marguerite are to make this work.

I enjoyed this second novella in the ‘Night’ series. It was romantic and sensual with just the right amount of drama and action adventure. I can definitely recommend it!