Not an Angel, But a Cupid Book Cover Not an Angel, But a Cupid
K.A. Masters
MM Romance-short stories
June 13, 2020

Recently orphaned and alone, the winged elf Alec wants nothing more than to return to his childhood home one final time and succumb to his nostalgia and grief. But his quest home leads him straight into the arms of a dove-winged, wounded angel ... with human captors in hot pursuit.

After one magical night together, the two soulmates are united in love. Alec's angel becomes a cupid, transforming his grief into affection and love. But Alec has a secret that keeps him from telling his soulmate how he feels, and he lets his angel slip through his fingers.

As his family grows around him, Alec's nest remains empty and cold. Without his soulmate, Alec nears his end. Can he find his angel before it's too late, or will heaven be forever out of his reach?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Alec is a winged elf who lost his parents and part of his home because of a dragon. All alone he ventures towards the lake where he hears loud noises and sees what he perseveres to be an angel running from a mob of humans shooting arrows at him. When the angel enters the water he begins to drown and Alec is not willing to see him die.


Tuxtax is not an angel but a vanth and he came looking for his sister the only family he has left. Alec promises to help him even though he knows immediately that Tuxtax is his soul mate. Tuxtax gives him a star map so he can come find him something Alex will never be able to do not because he doesn’t want to but because it would mean his death.


Alec goes every day to where he and Tuxtax were together last waiting for his return but it never happens and over time Alec begins to lose energy and is fading fast. He needs his soul mate but will he find him in time to save himself? Why didn’t Tuxtax return? Questions that are all answered.


I enjoyed the story and the characters especially Alec a winged elf always ready, willing and able to help those who need it.