Nox Book Cover Nox
Adrienne Wilder
LGBT, Science Fiction, Gay Romance
Independently published
April 2, 2019

A nude man invades Luca Suarez's home and protects him from creatures who cannot exist.

Creatures hunting him.

The stranger can't tell Luca why. He can't even tell Luca his name.

He remembers nothing until the moment he sees Luca.
The only hint Luca has to the stranger's identity is a tattoo on his wrist: N o X

Nox doesn't know who he is, but he's sure of three things, his memory loss is temporary, the monsters chasing Luca are called Anubis, and his Alpha, Koda, sent Nox to protect him.

There's just one problem…. Koda is Luca's brother who was murdered five years ago.

With each passing hour, Nox fills in the pieces painting an impossible truth. And with each passing hour, both men find themselves unexplainably attracted to each other.

Something Luca is willing to embrace because he has nothing left to lose.

And one Nox can't let happen because it could get Luca killed.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is a book filled with violence, gore and shifters that make werewolves seem tame. When a vial containing ichor is found in a tomb in the desert with hieroglyphics called The Book of Anubis on the wall showing how to bring a dead person back to life a few scientists decided to play God and the results were both inhumane and deadly. As monstrous as the creatures these scientists created it was the scientists themselves that were scary because doing something for the sake of science doesn’t make it right especially when you are playing with real life and death.

Luca Suarez has lost so much in his young life, his parents died a year ago and his beloved brother Koda died five years ago. Adding to that misery is the fact that since the age of eight Luca has been fighting leukemia, a fight that he is now losing. When a naked man shows up in his home with a tattoo of NOX on his wrist Luca assumes that is his name but what Luca could never have envisioned is what the appearance of this man would lead to.

NOX insists that Luca is in danger and he was sent by his dead brother Koda. Koda made him promise to protect Luca at all costs and he was smart enough to give information to NOX that only Koda would know so he would believe what he is told. Of course when the car is attacked by enormous creatures that looked like wolves Luca was convinced that NOX was his only hope of surviving.

NOX has no memory of his real name or what happened to him, only that he is to protect Koda’s brother. Little by little his memory begins to return and he remembers that he himself is a monster and he is an Anubis. Koda was his Alpha and he and others were Koda’s Betas and when the Anubis takes over control it is all NOX can do to keep from changing and killing.

When the lab in Utah where all this happened appears to be attacked with pieces of bodies all over the building the Army is sent in to get answers and that means calling on Dr. Russell Dante who was part of the project from the beginning. He is the only one that can give them answers as to what is going on and he is the only one capable of opening the doors to the lab. He tries to tell them that all the weapons and all the soldiers they have brought along will not be able to stop the Anubis who can heal instantly, who is stronger, faster and deadlier than they could ever imagine. But arrogance and conceit refuses to allow them to believe they aren’t stronger then a monster they know nothing about.

Luca and NOX are always one step ahead of the Army and the other Anubis’ tracking them and as they keep running the bond between them gets stronger, stronger than the bond NOX had with Koda. Luca is counting the days he has left because of his leukemia wanting nothing more than to be loved and feel wanted and he is convinced NOX can be the one to give him that. The sex is off the charts, the violence is off the charts and the experiments done on what was once a dead person is way off the charts. None of the violence affected me as much as what the scientists did to these subjects, no one should be subjected to punishment being sliced up over and over again to test how long it would take to heal.

This book held me from the first page to the last and although not what I would consider a cliffhanger since I hate, hate, hate them it does leave you knowing that there is much more to learn about the Anubis, the ichor and NOX and Luca. I look forward to book two and I highly recommend this book but with all reviews it is one person’s opinion and my opinion is it is well worth your time and money.