REVIEW : Opal – Brides of the Oregon Trail

Opal Book Cover Opal
Brides of the Oregon Trail Book 10)
Cynthia Woolf
Historical Western Romance
Firehouse Publishing
Oct 27, 2021

Opal McGinty is a mail-order bride and she has a secret. If her prospective husband finds out he won’t marry her and she must marry.

Arthur “Red” Redmond wants a wife. Someone to share his life with but he has conditions he hasn’t told his mail-order bride. Will she still want to marry him if she finds them out?

Can these two lonely people come together and find happiness despite their fears?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Opal McGinty was sure her fiancé was going to marry her and so she gave him her greatest gift her virginity. Only when she became pregnant, he left her. It is 1853 so having a child out of wedlock was not done and when she couldn’t hide her pregnancy any longer her parents threw her out. With no other choice she headed to sign up to be a mail-order bride and she joined the wagon train heading to Oregon City and her new husband to be, Arthur “Red” Redmond the owner of a livery.

She along with her three-month-old daughter Ellie were fortunate to find another mail-order bride, Nora who was happy to share the long six-month trip with another woman. Nora’s story was told in book nine now it is Opal’s story. Opal feared that her secret of having a child out of wedlock would mean that Red would not want to marry her so she used the excuse of being a widow. Nora was the only one that she revealed her secret to and over the long trip they became more like sisters than friends.

Red lost his first wife and his unborn daughter during childbirth and he has decided that having children is not in his future never expecting that Opal has a child. Shocked at first Red immediately lost his heart to Ellie and was more than happy to accept her as his daughter. His mother who lived with him was equally overjoyed to be a grandmother after so long. Opal couldn’t believe her luck to find the last man wanting a wife in Oregon City and having him fall in love with her daughter, now if he could only fall in love with her.

Opal and Red’s life runs smoothly, Ellie is now over nine months old and crawling every where and Ruth, Red’s mom is thrilled to have a daughter and a granddaughter to care for. Relations between Opal and Red began on the first night and didn’t stop till he revealed he did not want any more children. He feared losing another wife and another child but Opal wants Ellie to have a sister or a brother and she loves her husband even though she is sure he doesn’t feel the same. It would take the Mayor of Oregon City, Edgar Case and his desire to own Red’s Livery that would be the spark that would get two lonely people to face what they have and to stop keeping secrets.

Another wonderful story about the West and being a mail-order bride and once again I loved it and am thrilled to visit but never would want to live during that time. I don’t know if this is the last book in this series since apparently there are no more men wanting wives in Oregon City but if it is there will certainly be something else equally great coming.

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