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Brandywine Investigations Book 1
Angel Martinez
M/M Paranormal Mystery Romance
Mischief Corner Books, LLC
April 27, 2016

When humans forsake the temples, the gods need to find other employment. Hades opens Brandywine Investigations after his divorce and his subsequent move to the modern world. If he was hoping for boring infidelity cases and lost dogs, he’s sorely mistaken as murder and mayhem find his agency and his extended family at an astonishing rate.

Canines, Crosshairs & Corpses: Brandywine Investigations #1
No Enemy But Time: Brandywine Investigations #2
Dragons, Diamonds & Discord: Brandywine Investigations #3

Please note: The stories in this omnibus have been reedited, and expanded by about 18K (total). The majority of the expansions were in No Enemy But Time.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Starting your life over is hard.  When not only is your job becoming obsolete, but your wife starts divorce proceedings, and not only is she keeping the house you built, but the dog too??  What is a guy to do?  In the first book of this amazing three book set, Angel Martinez answers that question, you start a private investigations agency.  The answer gets a little complicated by the fact that the guy in question is not your average guy on the street. Because he is not just any guy-he’s built like a god, and in fact is a literal Greek god.  And not just any god, but Hades, lord of the underworld.  Martinez weaves a seamless story, somehow incorporating Greek mythology and modern America in an engrossing adventure and love story.  Trying to get his agency off the ground, Hades plans to get experience by following a mysterious darkness he senses is behind a series of deaths of homeless men in his new home town.  He never expected the investigation to lead him to Tiberius and the possibility of a new love.  Along with Charon, Hades and Ti use their unique skill sets to uncover the murderer.

This story is so incredibly well written.  Including a pantheon of ancient gods into the modern world can be incredibly confusing.  Martinez draws the reader in so quickly, making the inclusion of these characters flawlessly without overwhelming the reader or pulling them out of the plot at any time. This is a brilliant start to a series and with it being the first book in this omnibus volume, made it easy to continue the story without waiting breathlessly for the next book to become available. I am very grateful for this as I really needed more, more, more.  If you purchased this book as a single, what are you waiting for?? Go get book 2!