Ozzy Book Cover Ozzy
Such a Colorful Feeling Book 1
Rowan Massey
Gay Romance
August 10, 2019

Ozzy could ruin Jace’s life to buy his own freedom…or let himself fall in love and save Jace’s life instead.

Two dozen new types of recreational drugs were invented in the eighties. Now there’s no one left who isn’t a user. As a result, civilization is falling to its knees. The skies are polluted, having a job puts you in the minority, and public services like health care and police protection are for the rich.
In a town called Emporium, Ozzy works as a rent boy in a seedy club. When Jace, an overdosing teenager, is dropped at his feet, Ozzy sees an opportunity. His cruel pimp and mayor will let him cross the guarded borders of town and escape to a better life if Ozzy finds his own replacement. Jace, although he’s disabled, seems like a candidate.
But things won’t be that simple. Jace is sick and won’t last long. Under increasing pressure to save himself from his pimp, Ozzy races to save the life of the guy he’s not supposed to be falling for.

Reviewed by: Ilse Marijke

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The story of Ozzy takes place in a, I shall call it, a post drug-apocalyptic America, where the division between the haves and the have nots is evident. Ozzy exists in the ‘have not’ part of it called Emporium. That world is ruled by the sale and use of recreational drugs. Ozzy, a student who works forcibly as a male prostitute at a club to pay his pimp, his studies, living expenses and drugs, to cope with his miserable life. He dreams of the day he can finish his studies and move to the west coast, and live the decent life he envisions.

While he’s at work, a teen, overdosing on drugs,is literally dropped at his feet. Jace, the teen, is revived and saved by Ozzy who he takes home. A friendship develops between the two and past events are revealed. After a couple of months of care and intimacy, love blooms between the two.  But it also becomes clear that Jace is ill and needs urgent medical care to have a chance at survival. Ozzy wants to take Jace out of Emporium, but the major/pimp won’t let him go. Things go sour between the two, further complicated by territorial drug wars. Ozzy is forced to make life-altering decisions to try and save Jace’s life as well as his own in the deteriorating city they live in.

The author Rowan Massey did an excellent job with the editing of the book, something I am very keen on; because to me it conveys the author’s cares about the product that is presented to the audience. That is much appreciated. I enjoy reading romance novels, fiction, as a form of entertainment. I usually would not choose a story with this content. To be confronted with the many socio-political ills of society, such as poverty, misuse of drugs and oppression, set in a ‘nightmarish worlds. However, that is part of life’s reality and the author handled it well.

This is a well written book, just not my chosen setting, and that’s the reason why it gets four stars from me.