The Persistence of Memory Book Cover The Persistence of Memory
Mnevermind Trilogy Book 1
Jordan Castillo Price
Mystery, Steampunk ish
JCP Books, LLC
May 2, 2012

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jordan Price was a new author to me. That was last month. I have read four in a row of her PsyCop Series. I love it.  I am at a place where I am afraid to pick up number five because I am a scaredy cat. For that reason, I decided to start another series Ms Price has penned that so many readers are raving about. It is not quite paranormal, but the series exists in an alternate universe set in Madison, Wisconsin.

The concept of this is a challenge to your imagination. When you read the author’s background about her studies of dreaming and dreams, it becomes clear. Imagine there was a place you could go, hook up to a machine, pick a topic and be sent off to being a concert pianist, a ballet dancer, or have a hook up without leaving the comfort of the chair you are sitting on?

This author writes magic. I can now see why she has jumped ahead of the pack. Her ideas are amazing. We first meet Daniel Shroeder and learn Daniel and his dad, Big Dan, started a business a few years ago running a memory palace. Daniel is in his mid 40’s, single, and you can feel his loneliness.

He has to break his father’s heart every day, reminding Big Dan every day that his wife divorced him and left. The reason his Dad is this way is a dream sequence Daniel wrote that went astray. The guilt he carries for it being his fault is worse than the telling.

The characters are great. The story line is captivating and uniquely original. Most of this book is setting the reader up with the outer layers. Just when you think you have finally found a hint of ‘something’ that will give Daniel a haven other than work, you turn the page and it is over. CLIFF HANGER. So, if you hate endings like this, you will not like this book. The upside of this is that both book 2 and 3 are out and this is a Trilogy!