A Pirate's Agony Book Cover A Pirate's Agony
Legends of the Soaring Phoenix Book 3
M.L. Guida
Paranormal Historical Romance
Buffalo Mountain Press
February 15, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This series takes place during the 1600’s and we get a taste of what life was like during that time. Violet Perdue has had a very hard life, especially with the death of her mother. She is left living with her step-dad Art, who is growing more and more unstable. Things are the hardest when he thinks she is actually her mother and keeps inviting her into his bed. Her mother was always able to control him, but Violet never learned how she did it. He is bordering on total insanity.

Violet works and makes enough to get by, while her step-dad has no problem gambling and leaving his debts unpaid. Everything finally comes to a head when men break into the house to get the money Art owes them. Unfortunately for her, there is no money and they realize that they will never get it from an insane man. Violet has the ability to read souls. Any time she lies, she turns blotchy and filled with blisters. When asked about getting the money, she has no defense. Violet becomes payment, and she is sold as an indentured slave.

On board the Soaring Phoenix, the vampire pirate ship run by Kane O’Brien, a terrible storm is threatening to sink the ship. Amadi who was once a slave and owes his freedom to Kane is doing everything he can to keep the ship afloat until he falls overboard. Only his immortality saves him. He wakes on a beach and hopes to head into the forest until he becomes a vampire again on the full moon. He has two days until that occurs. Now he is unable to fight off the slave traders that are on his tail.

Life certainly went full circle for Amadi since he wound up being owned by the same plantation owners he escaped from five years ago. This time the owner is Celeste D’Auligne, and her depravity knows no bounds. She wants Amadi in her bed where she will use him and then kill him. However, first he must be punished for escaping. Her punishment is not something I will discuss, needless to say, it is very brutal. The only good thing that happens to him is meeting Violet who is also Celeste’s slave. They are immediately drawn to each other, but he is black and she is white and that is something totally unacceptable in that era.

This book has excitement, surprises, torture, sex, and hunky vampire pirates. Since I love books about pirates and vampires, this book just totally fits the bill. There is excessive violence towards the slaves and even the small children. It is hard to believe what humans are capable of doing to other humans. Is there a chance for Amadi and Violet despite their differences? Can they finally find peace and free the slaves Celeste is determined to destroy?

I have to say that I absolutely love this series. The characters are amazing, there is always excitement and action, and, of course, romance. I can’t imagine anyone who loves vampires and pirates not loving this series. Oh, one more thing. WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE COMING?

Winner: 2nd Place – Best Paranormal¬† Romance Novella – 2015 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards¬†