A Pirate's Curse Book Cover A Pirate's Curse
Legends of the Soaring Phoenix Book 1
M.L. Guida
Paranormal Romance
Buffalo Mountain Press
November 22, 2013

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Twenty-year old Hannah Knight is on a ship heading for Saint Kitts to marry the man to whom she is betrothed.  Her father is the captain of the ship and they are attacked by a pirate ship. Unfortunately, this is no ordinary pirate ship. The crew is all vampires who turn into bats and easily take command.  The vampires are led by a sadistic and blood thirsty monster, Quinton Palmer. Hannah is telekinetic, however, when she tries using her gift to save the crew and ship, things go horribly wrong.

All hands on the ship are killed and bled dry. Only Hannah and her father manage to escape by jumping overboard.  In the water surrounded by sharks, Hannah and her father are rescued by Captain Kane O’Brien and his crew.  Their ship, The Soaring Phoenix, is chasing the very same vampires that destroyed Hannah’s ship. Kane and his crew want Palmer destroyed and of course, Palmer wants Kane and his crew dead, as well.

Palmer seeks revenge against Hannah’s father for leaving three of his crew with smallpox on a small island killing off most of the natives.  One of the dead was the seven-year-old daughter of the tribe’s Shaman.  He prayed to his god of the underworld and set everything in motion.  The god of the underworld sent a demon, Zuto. to the island to bring Hannah and her father back.  Zuto cursed the lake on the island; all who drank from it were turned into vampires.  That included Kane O’Brien and his crew. Except for Kane’s brother, William, the crew are all immortals and turn on the full moon.  Palmer, of course, drinks constantly from the lake so he and his men have the ability to turn vampire whenever they choose giving them an advantage over Kane.

In spite of the fact that Kane is a vampire, Hannah finds herself falling for him. However, Palmer won’t stop looking for her. Kane drops her off at Saint Kitts for her own safety.  His hope is her father will return her to England. However, her father has other plans, which include marrying her off to a cruel plantation owner, Jacques D’Aubigne.  Jacques was once a pirate and a slave trader; his cruelty is well known.  Now Hannah finds herself stuck on Saint Kitts, engaged to a brute and missing Kane.  Will Kane come back for her?  Will Palmer find her and her father?  Will she find herself married to Jacques?  Lots of questions, all answered.

I was hooked from the first few pages, pirates, vampires, cannonballs flying, sword fighting, a woman in danger, and a very sexy pirate who comes to the rescue.  What is not to love? There is of course violence and torture, but we are talking about pirates and vampires, so that is expected.  There is also explicit sex and two very amazing characters, Hannah and Kane, both stubborn and strong willed.  There is a lot of action and not once did I find myself losing interest.   I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Winner: 2nd Place – Best Vampire Paranormal  Romance Series – 2015 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards