Pirate's Passion Book Cover Pirate's Passion
Sentinels of Savannah Book 2
Lisa Kessler
Paranormal Romance
Entangled: Amara
November 12, 2018

Samuel Keegan used to man the wheel of the Sea Dog over 200 years ago, but these days he’s the front man of a southern rock band. Rum and women are plentiful, but his world is changing rapidly now that his crew is back together searching for the Holy Grail to break their curse. But the quest leads him to a historian with raven hair and a wicked smile. She holds all the answers, but she could also spell death for them all.

Dr. Charlotte Sinclair works for the Maritime Museum in Savannah, an expert on ancient pirate wrecks. When a government agent requests her help in a top-secret investigation, she discovers not only is the Holy Grail real, but the lead singer of her favorite band is actually the immortal pilot of the Sea Dog crew.

The search for the Grail opens some dark secrets better left hidden, and Charlotte's life might depend on one Pirate's Passion...

Each book in the Sentinels of Savannah series is STANDALONE:
* Magnolia Mystic
* Pirate's Passion

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Samuel Keegan is a sexy 200 year old pirate and the lead singer in a rock and roll band and is reason enough for me to read this book, but I will go on.

Keegan and his crew of the Sea Dog are living in Savannah, Georgia and one night he saw a beautiful woman in the audience and invited her backstage. The woman, Dr. Charlotte Sinclair was unlike any other woman he invited backstage since she did not immediately jump into his arms and when he finally got her to the kissing stage a phone call drew her away. Keegan knows that as an immortal falling for a human woman would only lead to pain, a pain he experienced previously when he fell in love and lost her, it is something he has no intention of repeating.

Dr. Charlotte Sinclair is a Historian who works at the Maritime Museum and is an expert on ancient pirate wrecks and the call that took her out of Keegan’s arms was from Agent David Bale who works to protect Americans from paranormal threats. David is well aware of the fact that the crew of the Sea Dog is presently residing in Savannah and are searching for the Holy Grail (God’s cup). It was the crew of the Sea Dog who discovered the Holy Grail and sipped from it only to have it go missing. Charlotte needs proof of what Agent Bale is telling her and the proof walks in her door just as sexy as the night she left him in his dressing room.

Keegan and the crew are aware that their immortality is wearing out since injuries are taking longer to heal and one of them nearly died in a car accident. It is imperative for them to find the Cup and drink from it again although Colton who we met in book one wishes to remain mortal and marry the love of his life Skye. Keegan hopes with the help of Bale and Charlotte they can regain the Cup from their enemy the Serpent Society who want to collect all of God’s treasures with the hope of returning to Eden.

In spite of Keegan’s desire to keep Charlotte at a distance his heart has opened to let her in and he is helpless to stop himself. Charlotte knows about his past and his loss but she is determined to have him for as long as possible. She has no doubt that once he finds the Holy Grail he will sip from it making him immortal once again. While Charlotte and Keegan are focused on finding the Holy Grail and trying to come to terms with their feelings for each other Charlotte discovers something about herself, something that came as quite a surprise to me.

A book with pirates, surprises, secrets, sex and love, well what more could one want from a paranormal romance, well I for one couldn’t want anything more and can’t wait for the next chapter.