Pirate's Promise Book Cover Pirate's Promise
Pirates of Port Royal Book 1
Jules Radcliffe
MM Historical Romance Erotica
Sinnamon Press
May 12, 2020

Press-ganged as a boy, Job Wright must learn to live as a free man.
For years Job has been a captive, exploited and degraded by a crooked merchant crew. Until the day his ship is attacked by pirates. English pirates, no less, and Brethren of the Coast, a brotherhood of free men who owe allegiance to no one but themselves. Job thinks he's been rescued at last, but he's badly mistaken. As an Englishman aboard a Spanish ship, the Brethren believe he's a traitor and an enemy. But just when pirate justice is about to be delivered, Garrett Dubh intervenes. He both saves Job's life and recruits him to the pirate ship Audacious.
Surrounded by a fearsome crew, Job finds protection under Garrett's wing. He's ready to do anything for the handsome pirate—things he'd never willingly do for another man. But Garrett ignores Job's shy overtures. He believes Job is too traumatised by his past. Too young to know what he wants. And nothing Job says will change his mind.
To show Garrett he can take care of himself, Job leaves the safety of the Audacious. He joins the most ruthless Brethren crew in the Caribbean, led by the enigmatic and cruel Rusé.
But in the French pirate haven of Tortuga, thoughtless actions can have fatal consequences, something Job is about to discover. And this time, Garrett isn't there to save him.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Eighteen year old Job Wright is a captive onboard a merchant ship that has been attacked by pirates. All around him are the dead bodies of the crew and he waits for the ax to drop on him severing his head from his body. His time on the merchant ship was one nightmare after another and with his death imminent, he killed one of the crew, a man who treated him horribly.

Just before the pirate killed him he heard a voice saying stop and he looked into the eyes of a man who showed compassion and who refused to allow him to be killed. He was rescued by Garrett Dubh, one of the crew of Audacious whose captain was Black Wolf. Once again expecting to be raped and used brutally he is shocked by the difference in this ship than the one he was rescued from. Everything is clean including the crew and although no one seems to be ready to attack him he is still afraid.

Garrett takes Job under his wings, he is fed, cleaned, given a place to sleep and taught how to use a sword and was given the job of working with Gabriel Quinn the sailing master. Nothing about his time on this ship was anything he has experienced before and he finally lets his guard down, especially when he is allowed to go with the crew to the island and given money for the work he has done.

His feelings for Garrett grow but an incident between the two of them once again sends Job running looking for another ship and another man to protect him. Unfortunately Job had no idea what danger he faced and Garrett was not there to help him.

The history of 1664 was both in the use of language and the vision of what life was like and it held my interest from page one but it was more than that it was the story of a young boy taken off the streets and used in every way imaginable by men who cared little for him. There was explicit sex and a look at life as a pirate. Although it was not a long story it was long enough to watch as Job grew confidence and finally found love.