Power Exchange Book Cover Power Exchange
Power Exchange – Book 1
A.J. Rose
M/M- BDSM/Mystery
The Grim Writer Press
November 15, 2013

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I am so excited our book guild is reaching so many new writers. I just love finding new to me stories and authors. Just finished A.J. Rose’s Paranormal Reaper series which I adored and checked on Amazon to see what other books she has written. First book cover I am staring at is Power Exchange in a 3 Book Series. I was reticent to purchase all 3, why I do not know.  I love mysteries, danger, hot guys and sexy times. But ‘my bad’ I now had to buy each separately and didn’t save the money the author so graciously offers. Don’t make that same mistake

This series has been one of the best sexy, murder mystery and me delving into the BDSM scene,  one book at a time. (told you I purchased all three of them ) and couldn’t put them down.

So you think it was because f the sex right? This story was not anything hard core, it was intimate, with a male couple, one a Dom.  The other is male police officer,  Gavin DeGrassi,  married (not happily) for 5 years.  It is now he finds his wife in bed with his partner.  Instead of sadness, the  feeling of freedom engulfes him, and allows him to look into another world while investigating a horrible double murder. Two young men who were in ‘the scene’ tortured and brutally murdered tied to a cross in their ‘play room’

Returning back to The Club, where  he had interviewed members during the day for the case, he is now on his own, having a few drinks, intrigued by the life. Sexy psychologist Dr Ben Halverson spots the officer at the club, his interest peeked when he met him on the clock.   It is Game On……Their interaction is nothing short of stunning.

Gavin hides how he feels from everyone in his family, and we are voyeurs into what a Dom’s role is to his Sub. And evidently Gavin learns quickly he loves giving up the normal things he needed to do or think about  to satisfy his partner he is the one cared for.

Between getting a sharp new female partner, having a second murder occur  with the same nasty scene as the first and being the good Doctors lover Gavin is better in ways than he has ever been. The book was breathtaking,  loved it all…..on to the next.

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