The Price Book Cover The Price
Las Vegas Escorts Book 1
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 17, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Hunter Wolf is one of the most in-demand male escorts in Las Vegas. He is part of a five man crew who are some of the highest paid escorts and who have become a tight knit group of friends. Hunter loves his job and goes out of his way to give all his clients what they want. He takes their feelings and desires very seriously and enjoys the pleasure he brings them. One night at a club with his friends he comes to the rescue of a man who appears lost and is looking for a way out. This man will change everything he ever thought was important.

Grant Van Varenberg is a school teacher who went on a date that turned out to be a total disaster. In his rush to get out of the club he lost his way and met up with a tall, gorgeous, sexy man, Hunter Wolf who helped him. Hunter asked Grant to stay and have a drink with him and his friends and before long the two men were dancing and enjoying themselves. Once again the saying it’s a small world came true since Hunter and Grant knew each other from high school. Hunter was the star on the wrestling team and it was Grant who helped him pass English. The two men had no idea that what happened in school would have an effect on them when they were adults.

Grant and Hunter enjoy being together and before long they find themselves in bed together. Grant knows that getting attached to Hunter would be a mistake since being an escort is what he does and loves but the heart wants what it wants. Hunter also knows that being with Grant is a mistake because when he decided to be an escort he knew that the price he would pay was one that would make relationships impossible. How could he ever expect to be loved by a man when he could only give his heart, his body would belong to anyone who was willing to pay.

Over time both men realize that their childhoods were dysfunctional all due to parents who put alcohol before their children. Hunter was in foster care and Grant was raised by his elderly grandmother. If you grow up feeling unloved especially by the people who should love you above all others it is hard to imagine that anyone can love you. Grant has come a long way in putting his past behind him but Hunter has built up walls that he hasn’t taken down. He wants to love and be loved but the price is too high. Is Hunter willing to pay the price for loving Grant, a price that would mean he gives up the job he loves? Can two men who feel unworthy of love finally find it?

If you haven’t read an Andrew Grey book then you are missing out on some amazingly sensual, loving stories. Every day men facing the same problems as everyone else while looking for love and acceptance. I loved this story as I have loved all the other Andrew Grey books I have had the pleasure of reading. Two men totally opposite, a school teacher and an escort both looking for love and wondering if the price they have to pay for that love is worth it.

I have said it before and I say it again Mr. Grey is an amazing author who has a way of playing on all your emotions, how he does it I can’t even begin to imagine but I am glad he can and that he keeps on doing it.