Prince by Blood and Bone: A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court Book Cover Prince by Blood and Bone: A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court
Tales of the Black Court Book 2
Jessica Aspen
Abracadabra Publishing
April 11, 2014

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Bryanna, her sister, Cassie, and their mother, Theresa, have been waiting for Trina to return. Of course, those of us who read book one in the series know Trina is safe in the arms of her lover, Logan. Convinced Trina is dead, Bryanna and Cassie try to convince their mother they should move on from where they are. They are been there too long and risk the evil queen of fairies finding them. They are the only remaining MacElvys left; running is their only hope of survival. Unfortunately, Cassie has a vision of them being surrounded by ogres and leaving is not an option any longer.

Using Elvin magic, Theresa is able to transfer them to another place. However, the place is where their enemy resides, Underhill. The only one we know who makes it is Bryanna, who ends up in the run down palace where Prince Kian is being held prisoner by his mother. For fifteen years Kian has had to live as a beast. He has been trying to use witch magic, and thinks he has been successful, when he tries to conjure up a beautiful woman with the ability to play chess. In comes Bryanna.

When Kian discovers Bryanna is a witch, he is convinced she will be his savior. If she ever hopes to go in search of her mother and sister and leave the palace, she must first cure him. Although she is a healer, she has had no formal training. Due to their constant moving around, Bryanna has absolutely no confidence in her abilities. Kian has no intention of taking no for an answer. Escaping is not going to be easy; the palace is full of hobgoblins and other dangerous creatures. Bryanna will have to do what Kian wants and hopefully she will be able to leave.

The Black Queen has destroyed all the MacElvys other than Bryanna and her family; now they are all in danger. There is a prophecy that the MacElvys will be the ones who threaten her existence and they must all be destroyed. She is evil beyond belief and is beginning to show signs of insanity. Even she is not safe from those that would see her dead, Her very own secretary is conspiring to destroy her and take over as king. What chance does Bryanna have to cure Kian, find her missing family, and escape death? It would appear not much.

So we have a beautiful witch, a beast, a wicked queen, goblins, gnomes, elves, witches, romance, torture and all the things that you expect from a fantasy, only in this case it is much more than a fantasy it is a fantasy and a fairy tale in one. This is the story of beauty and the beast and I loved every second of it. There are surprises, betrayals and two amazing characters, Bryanna andKian. Does beauty save the beast? Do we find out what happened to Trina and Logan? Where are her sister and mother? Although there is a cliffhanger of sorts, the story of Bryanna and Kian is complete, but there is certainly more coming.

If you love fantasy and fairy tales than look no further because you have found the mother-lode.