The Protectors Book Cover The Protectors
The Candi Reynolds Series Book 3
April Hollingworth
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
May 24, 2017

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Tea

The Protectors is the third installment of the story of Candi Reynolds and her group of different paranormal beings who come together to unravel the mystery of a prophecy and how it will impact the future with the Protectors.

In the world Hollingworth creates, paranormals are known and intermingle in society, however, they are forbidden from doing so in any other than a professional capacity.  This is policed by a group known as the Protectors.  In this third book of the series, Candi Reynolds-witch, and Victor Harlow-vampire, are joined by a paranormal group of characters that grows throughout the story, with just enough information to make them an integral part of the plot.

It would be necessary to read the previous books before starting The Protectors as there is a lot of back story information that would be needed for elements of this book to make sense. This was definitely my favorite of the three books of this series.  The adventures take the group, led once again by Candi Reynolds, from Ireland, to London, to Transylvania, to New Orleans and back again.  It continues to feel like more of an adventure than a romance, but the love story between Candi and Victor does have more of a presence than in previous books.

The threads begun in the first two novels begin to come together culminating in the showdown with the Protectors, but it does not happen in expected ways.  Hollingworth weaves some historical paranormal characters into the narrative which lends an authenticity to her own original universe she creates in this series.  She also manages to keep a few cards up her sleeve to make the ending a fun and interesting ride for the reader.