Psychic High Book Cover Psychic High
Psy Squad Book 2
Linda Palmer
YA Paranormal Romance
Uncial Press
May 12, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Eighteen year old Caleigh Fledging has been accepted to Rutledge Institute a.k.a. Psychic High to complete her senior year in high school and learn more about her ability as an empath. The World Security League invited her and rather than her family have to pay she will actually be paid for her services. After graduation she will commit to serve the League for one year.

The institute is located in Wyoming and both the school and the area it is located in has her breathless. Caleigh lived at home with her parents, older twin brothers and younger twin sisters and now she finally feels she can be herself. Things seem to be going well and she likes her new roommate Kimi, that is until Miles Miller who has a reputation as a player comes into the picture. Kimi wants Miles and Miles seems to want Caleigh. Needless to say trouble brews, even though Caleigh tries very hard to convince Kimi that she has no interest in Miles.

Unfortunately Caleigh finds it very difficult to stay cool where Miles is concerned and things between her and Kimi go bad while things between her and Miles seem to be heading in the right direction. It seems that Miles is a totally different person when he is with Caleigh but he still has to convince Caleigh of it.

Caleigh and Miles are asked to work together to help a sixteen year old girl who was the sole survivor of a savage attack that left five of her friends butchered and her feigning death in order to survive. It is hoped that with Miles use of psychohypnosis and astral projection and Caleigh’s ability to sense her emotions that they can find out who the killer is.

This is not a long story and I do not want to risk giving anything away so I will keep my review short and simple other than to say that there are surprises and romance. I highly recommend this book.