PsyCop: Various Shorts & Novellas Book Cover PsyCop: Various Shorts & Novellas
Jordan Castillo Price
M/M Paranormal Mystery
JCP Books, LLC

Reviews by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

As a reviewer I rarely get to do something out of the ordinary. But I would do this talented author a wrong if after devouring  seven, yes seven of her fabulous PsyCop book series, I would fail to tell you about the snippets and shorts and novellas she has written containing  ‘a day in the life of these great characters.’ I didn’t read them in order, as I already am familiar with who might be who, but if you are jonesing  for more of ‘the guys’ you will love these.

Many Happy Returns (2.2) Short Story

This quick short brings us Crash and Kenneth. Kenneth works  part time at Saver/Plus. He is diligently  putting left over clothes  away in the rear of the store when sexy blonde Crash needs something that only Kenneth can help him with. A short and very sexy interlude…..Crash at his best!

In The Dark (6.1) Novella

Jacob and Vic are invited to a Halloween party and have to dress up in suits, not costumes. You know how uncomfortable this will be for Vic meeting Jacob’s friends and have to mingle like an adult. I realize that this is a later snippet into the series and enjoy seeing the growth in the relationship of Vic and Jacob from the totally morbidly alone person Vic began as.

Striking Sparks (2.1) Novella

Andrew is due shortly to marry and has driven down to the city all the way from Arlington Heights to have his cards read. Parking is abominable and he arrives late to his appointment. Banging on the door, a sexy blonde man comes down the stairs and we recognize Crash offering to help. If it is Crash you know how he will do it….Sexy sexy read.

Thaw (1.1) Short

We are taken as voyeurs to  Millennium Park downtown Chicago,  where all the Christmas lights are twinkling,  the air is clear and brisk and Jacob and Vic share a date ice skating with many a tender moment. Priceless.

Mind Reader (2.3) Short

This short was written early on in the series, after book two, where Crash and Vic have a meeting. Vic is not sure about Crash and what abilities he has. Today will be a learning lesson.

Stroke of Midnight (3.1) Short

New Years Eve and the boys are invited to a party but alas at the last minute Vic gets called away…..Dead body found. Jacob has beer and sandwiches to bring.  The best part of New Years is kissing your lover at midnight, Jacob is sad. Vic doesn’t let his lover down. Best Moment Ever.

Thank you Jordan for your story, your telling, you wit and your incite in making this series a true reading experience…..