Rack & Ruin Book Cover Rack & Ruin
Thirds Series Book 3
Charlie Cochet
M/M UF-Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
November 7, 2014

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Rack and Ruin is the Third book in the Charlie Cochet THIRDS Series and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It looks like Dex J Dexter a member of the HPF (human police force) loses his job for turning in his human partner for a hate crime and winds up with his adopted human father and his adopted younger brother Cael who is a ‘Therian’ in a group of Therians and Humans called THIRDS…. Destructive Force is where Dex is put with a Therian partner, named Sloane who had lost his human partner (who he was having a relationship with). Take a breathe……

This team has quite a group of ‘partners’. By this third book the reader understand that the group has rules, which strictly adhere to the thought that sexual relationships between partners is strictly prohibited….Hence the sex between Sloane and Dex is secret
as was the relationship between his deceased partner……Welcome to mayhem…..

Sloane and Dex are trying to keep their feelings and relationship on the down low, and after a very very sexy sexy scene between Dex and Sloane, Ashe who is Sloane’s best friend, Ash a Therian Lion shows up at Sloane’s apartment, has a key and enters, calling Sloane’s name….Jumping from the bed, Sloane and Dex separate and Ash comes walking up the stairs calling Sloane’s name…..Decidedly suspicious at reading all ‘the signs’ Ash walks to the bedroom with Sloane and finds it empty…Pulling open the closet door, he finds Dex standing naked with his clothes trying to cover his private parts….Dex looks at Ash and says….Uhm, a dime dropped to the floor and rolled under the closet door…..I opened the door and bent to get the dime and all my clothes fell off!!!!! Enter the humor of this author!!!!

Meanwhile, we have new mysteries to solve, new horrors to face and partners who have issues …..Ash and Cael and Calvin and Hobbs……Ms Cochet you have created a miracle….Thank you for the ride….