Radical Hearts Book Cover Radical Hearts
Deviant Hearts, Book 2
A E Ryecart
LGBT, Gay, Romance, Suspense
A E Ryecart
August 7, 2018

When the past shatters the present, how can their future be saved?

Taking shelter from a storm in a ramshackle bookshop, security consultant Lee Adams only wants to wait out the weather. Wary and cautious following the collapse of his long-term relationship, Lee’s got no time and even less interest in having a man in his life but when the flirty, dark-haired assistant invites him to a campaign meeting to save an old pub from being bulldozed out of existence, Lee finds himself saying yes when everything tells him he should be saying no.

For Dominic Russell, the Save Charlie campaign is personal. Charlie’s was where the frightened teenager he’d once been found a safe haven to be himself without fear or shame – until the events of a long-ago night ripped his world apart and forced him into a decision that changed his life forever.

Against the background of Lee and Dominic’s unfolding love story, the campaign to Save Charlie is falling apart. Nobody’s interested and nobody cares – until a stranger with vision, passion and conviction arrives. He’s the shot in the arm the campaign needs, and he’s come with a full syringe. But something about Charlie’s saviour doesn’t add up.

A whispered revelation, an angry confrontation, and the campaign takes a dark and disturbing turn. As Dominic’s new-found trust is tested to the breaking point, everything he’s trying to save threatens to destroy him.

For Lee and Dominic, preserving the past might just tear down their future.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

A E Ryecart had been a new to me author. In the past 6 months, since finding her I have been purchasing her books, one a month in two of her series.  I started with Barista Boys and Deviant Hearts. I like them both but for different reasons, so I am just going back and forth between them enjoying the ride.

This second in the series of Deviant Hearts, has given me another great love story along with another mystery and damn I love where this author takes me. Fate again is the setting, a small old book shop that serves coffee is tempting to someone getting soaked in a rain storm; and this is what happens to a wet Lee Adams. Funny, finding Dominic Russell was the best thing Lee’s friends could have prescribed to have happen to their almost reclusive friend.

The unraveling of what lives both of these two men has had prior to that rainy day….The sharing of trust gives us a slow dance. Each man thrilled at what they sense they have come upon in each other. Each keeping their pasts in the background.

But it becomes obvious the need is there when Lee finally shares he had been with the police force, being undercover and the havoc it played. Now that Columbo has been activated when Dominic and his friends want to save an old bar being sold, for someone rich to tear down and build apartments. The people that come forward to ‘help’ raise Lee’s hackles.

But the relationship for Lee and Dominic slowly grows to what we truly want for them both….The best life can be.

Ms. Ryecart I loved this story, I loved the visit seeing friends Billy and Dashiell from Captive Hearts Book #1. It was wonderful seeing Billy now healthy and happy in his new life. You have built a Captive audience in me to follow your lead!