Ramatel's Vow Book Cover Ramatel's Vow
A Series of Angels Book 2
Joel Crofoot
December 3, 2016

Seventy generations ago, the angel Ramatel was cast into hell for sleeping with human women. Now he has returned to earth, harboring a vendetta against God, only to find himself strapped with a beautiful young apprentice. How far will he go to carry a grudge?

Clara has been given a second chance to save her soul by working with her chauvinistic mentor who has antiquated ideas of gender roles. She bucks his authority at every chance, but how long can she hold out?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Ramatel is a fallen angel who was severly punished for having sex with a human woman. His punishment was almost two thousand years in hell where he suffered constant torture and torment leaving him with a scarred body. It has been a year since he has been returned to Earth living in a house with other fallen angels just like him.

At night Ramatel goes out hunting demons but one night while preparing himself for a night of fighting he is shocked when a woman suddenly pops into his room. Clara has been in purgatory and has been returned with a chance for redemption. Clara has no memories other than she was shot in the face and now she is to assist Ramatel who is far from happy about the situation. Even a protest to Gabriel gets him nowhere.

Clara has to find what she is good at and apparently after a day in the gym fighting is her talent. She is to work alongside Ramatel who is totally against a small woman fighting especially next to him. Clara is a take no prisoners type of woman and she doesn’t take any of Ramatel’s crap inspite of his size and threatening manner.

Clara and Ramatel share a room and in spite of his desire to have no feelings for her their closeness and her beauty and courage begin to weaken his resolve. Unfortunately, he has no intention of getting close to her since doing so would surely send him back to hell which he has absolutely no desire to do. To have a relationship with Clara on a personal level would require him to approach God and ask for permission another thing he is unwilling to do. Ramatel cannot forgive what God did to him for disobeying one order and facing him would certainly not be in his best interest since controlling his temper would be out of the question.

Clara and Ramatel’s story is beautiful and although it is the second book in the series the books can be read on their own. Saying that I still recommend reading book one which is wonderful as well. I love this series and can’t wait for more.