The Rancher's son Book Cover The Rancher's son
RJ Scott
MM Mystery Romance
Love Lane Books
March 22, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Being the review chair for a book guild, I have to share with my reviewers. So once in a while I cheat and grab a release from one of my always will read authors. I go back years with RJ Scott and remember her when I read and adored The End Street Detective Agency Series and the Supernatural Bounty Hunters …Remember now my guild is Paranormal…..and who could forget The Ellery Mountain series.

I have not yet read Crooked Tree Ranch Book 1 of this Montana series, (which has been purchased and on my kindle as we speak) but I grabbed The Rancher’s Son up as it came through my submissions and am sooooo happy to read RJ Scott’s newest.

I understand each book is stand alone, yet always good to read in order, but if I have missed anything from book one to book two, I will re edit this review. I just do not think it will happen. I was totally so into this story from the beginning.

Twelve years ago, two young men vanished. Ethan Allens was then 17. Now he is a Police Detective. Since one young man was his brother and the other one was his almost first kiss, Ethan has kept a channel open through police lines to target ‘red flags’ if it should come up. Across the country comes a call, a flag, that a young man almost beaten to death wakes up from a deep coma, with no memory accept two things; The name Ethan and Crooked Tree Ranch.

RJ this story was so wonderful, you had us following the pieces with fear for the young man, fear for what Ethan was going thru and eventually the prose and words melted our hearts at what this story was telling us. The feelings when true could last the test of time.

You had me resorted to a crying mess and did buy book one in spite of you….lol I can’t wait to go on the quest and further this adventure and cannot wait to read the next, whether a purchase or submission.