Rebirth of The Chosen Book Cover Rebirth of The Chosen
Secrets of Blood and Bone Book 1
Robert S. Sadler
Urban Fantasy
Robert S. Sadler
January 4, 2012
January 4, 2012

Like most of us Quillen Ware has seen things out of the corner of his eye only to turn his head and find nothing is there. A consummate loner, Quillen or Q as he prefers to be called lives a life of seclusion other than going to work in the local ER. One night something more than human creates carnage in his little hospital and just like that his world changes forever. In a secret world full of vampires, shapeshifters, gnomes, trolls, and thing he has no name for Q finally finds out why he has always felt out of place. The big Question for Q is "What am I?" Join Q on the bloody search for who his real father is and who killed his mother, all this while picking sides in a war that could be the end of the human race! Rebirth Of The Chosen is a fast paced. sexy, blood filled adventure that will keep you guessing and entertained at every turn!

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Quillen Ware, Q as he prefers to be called, is a security guard at a hospital in one of the worst areas of Tampa, Florida, a job he truly likes. One night gang members are brought into the hospital badly injured.  Q, knows that this is going to be a rough night but he has no idea how rough. While trying to maintain order in the Emergency Room, he and the rest of the gang which is outside, are attacked by a group of men firing automatic weapons. The men then push into the hospital killing everyone they come in contact with.

This is when Q comes in contact with Argus, The Dark Hound, and when he realizes that as impossible as it may seem, there are inhuman creatures walking the earth. Injured Q is rescued by Sid whose real name is Obsidian. Taken to Sid’s home for treatment he is informed that he is from the Jatti tribe a species that thrives on sex and violence. He is introduced to Lady Roridine the Warlord of the Red Tiger Clan and is encouraged to learn more about himself. Sid and Lady Roridine want Q’s help  to fight in a war that Bertram, a vampire is going to wage against all the species of non-humans and humans, alike.  Bertram and his followers refer to themselves as Valdosa Skira or Ruling Class . Bertram refers to Sid and the others as Rotu. To the Skira humans are good for just two things slavery and food. This is where the battle lines are drawn, and unbeknownst to humans, the war to save them is beginning.

Before he can join to fight the Skira, Q must first find out who he is or what he is. His father and mother were human or were they? He must get the answers because he knows he is not human. He must be trained to fight immortals a far cry from fighting humans. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance. It is a fight with vampires, shapeshifters and all manner of evil. Can Q really trust Sid? Does Sid have ulterior motives? Whose side is Lady Roridine on? Is she a shapeshifter? Can she be trusted? Can Q really trust that the Rotu are good and the Skira are evil? He will have to make a choice eventually, but who will he choose?

Q finally gets some answers as to who he is. Who was really his father? Who was really his mother?  Was his whole life a lie? Does he have the power to stop this war that is coming? Q’s training falls to a mercenary, Augustus Reinhart, who has worked for the non-human nobles in many ways, assassinations, drug and gun running and security just to name a few.

I really loved Q. He is a man who is seeking his identity and at the same time trying to protect the world from pure evil. This is a book of good versus evil but considering the combatants involved on both sides, can good win? Is evil too strong this time?

This is a wonderful book filled with violence, sex, shapeshifters, vampires, gnomes and feys, what more could a lover of the paranormal hope for? I was hooked from page one and look forward to the next in the series. I loved many of the characters in this book among them George a big cat that follows Q around and loves anything alcoholic. Is he more than just a cat? There are a lot of surprises and twists and turns in this book and I loved them all. Read this book you won’t be sorry. The ending was WOW.