Reluctant Guardian Book Cover Reluctant Guardian
The Otherworld Guardians, Book 1
Elisha Bugg
Independently published
August 31, 2019

He’s a Guardian, sworn to protect the creatures of lore.
She’s a human who can’t remember her past.


That’s how Thane Marrok, wolf shifter, and soldier in the elite organisation known as The Guardians, sees himself - forced to live a lonely and tortured existence after witnessing the death of his family at the hands of humans. When he's forced to return to the place where all his nightmares began, he comes face to face with an unfamiliar human female who triggers the wolf’s deepest, darkest desires.
Can Thane put his past behind him and be the protector, and lover, that Anya needs? Or will he succumb to his hatred of her kind, and lose the woman meant to be his for eternity?


Anya Shaw leads a quiet, uneventful existence until the appearance of a black wolf turns her life upside down. Now she's involved in a world she never knew existed, hunted for reasons she doesn't understand, and guarded by a man she never expected.

Can she unlock the secrets of her past, and her heart, in time to tame the wolf and save Thane from himself? Or will the hunters get there first, destroying any hope they have left?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Thane Marrok is a wolf shifter and a soldier in an organization known as the Guardians. He is someone even other Guardians fear, but when Edwin, the leader of the group, insists on Thane attending a masquerade party held by hunters—hunters who have recruited so many that their numbers are out of control—he has no choice but to go. The party is held at Grosvenor House, the home of the leader of the hunters, Richard Grosvenor, and Thane has no clue why Edwin insisted he attend.

When Thane’s mentor and friend, Lucas, was taken by hunters twenty years ago, everyone assumed he was dead. But Thane is not one of them and he has spent his time searching for him. As such, being at a party when he should be looking for Lucas just makes him angry… until a familiar scent catches his attention and leads him to a girl he is unexpectedly drawn to.

Thane’s hatred for humans is no secret and this girl is human, and no matter how much she appeals to him, he will not pursue her. As far as Thane is concerned the true monsters are humans.

Thane learns that, since she was four years old and left on his doorstep with a note saying she was rescued and to look out for her, Edwin has been a father to her. Anya Shaw remembers nothing of her life before Edwin took her in and she is unaware of the existence of shifters, though she was brought up by the leader of a shifter organization.

When Anya’s friend, Keri, invites her to come to Hugh Grosvenor’s home she is hesitant, but she goes anyway. While there, she meets Hugh’s father, Richard, who for some reason scares her. And when he invites her to the basement to see a man locked in a cage, her fear reaches new heights. The man in the cage seems familiar to her but, when he is forced to shift into a wolf, she has no fear of him and I will not reveal who he is.

Thane’s feelings for Anya are strong and he realizes that there is a strong possibility that she is his mate. But he pushes her away. He has a secret from his past and knows that he is a danger to those around him including Anya. He also begins to realize that there is something more to Anya than meets the eye.

This was a wonderful book filled with secrets, surprises, lies, and betrayal. I loved Anya and Thane as well as the secondary characters in the story and can’t wait for more.