Rescued by the Wolf Book Cover Rescued by the Wolf
Kristal Hollis
Paranormal Romance
Harlequin Nocturne
March 1, 2017

When a poacher killed his mate, Rafe Wyatt lost his future. While the Wahyas of Walker's Run have been pulling him back from the brink, he's certain he won't have another chance at love. That is, until Grace comes to town.

Grace Olsen is a woman without roots. That's exactly how she likes it, until a sojourn in a small, close-knit Appalachian community gives her a new vision of what home could be—and so does Rafe. He was supposed to be nothing more than a casual lover, just as wary of commitment as she is. When their raw attraction becomes something deeper, more complex, they could be looking at a new future together. But someone close to them both would rather see Grace dead than let her be with the man—and the wolf—she's grown to love.

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

You ever read a book that you were not sure you liked but the story was good enough you just kept reading?  This book was like that, it was good enough to keep me interested but just a bit irritating a lot of the time (Yes I have used this sentence before).

What we have is a setting in the mountains of Tennessee/Georgia (never quite gave a precise location) where there is a “sanctuary” for wolves, obviously you can deduct from the title that there is a bit more to those wolves.

In a bit of originality (or just weirdness) these wolves do NOT like to be called werewolves but Wahyas but for all practical purposes, they are the same as any other shifter book with maybe a few very minor differences.

Since this is a dual book review the couples that will hopefully get their HEA are Brice/Cassie (Brice is son of the alpha of this pack) and in the 2nd book his best friend Rafe and Cassie’s best friend Grace (I should point out that reading them together makes the story as a whole a much better reading experience)

There is some mystery and as always a threat to the heroine that must be dealt with at some point and I have to tell you that I was almost to the 50% mark in book 1 before I started to like this story so hang in there BUT I have to say I disliked Brice for a long time but Rafe was a better character IMHO but the heroines in both books were inconsistent, tough as nails one minute and swooning the next.  If the story was not so interesting I might have subtracted more for that alone.

The main thrust in both books is to “find the mate” even if they are not that interested in it.  The story is at time glorious, frustrating and even stupid and there was some minor scanning done.  All things considered it was done well enough for a 4 Star rating overall but in a bit of oddity, I cannot remember a pair of books where people vomited so much and the endings of both books bore a lot of general similarity which suggest a bit of a formula but once again while I was not crazy about that I was never inclined to put the book down and find something else after the first few chapters of book 1.

I am sure there will be a 3rd book soon and I will read it, these characters are interesting and while there may be some shortcomings I felt invested in the story and the characters beyond the main couples so here is hope book #3 will be a bit of an improvement while losing nothing from these books that made them a good reading experience.

**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**