Respite Book Cover Respite
Part 2 of the Arcanian Chronicles Book 3
Toni V. Sweeney
Class Act Books
April 13, 2018

Aric kan Ingan’s return to Arcanis means certain death but it’s the only hope he has of regaining the right to life with his beloved Susan. Is it any wonder he’s taking a detour from extinction and accompanying friend Miles to Terra?
Apart from the usual culture clashes, free-wheeling Terran women, and ozone alerts there shouldn’t be any problems. It’s simply a last chance for him to learn about Earth before his ordeal begins.
When Aric meets Miles’ foster mother ,however, his fidelity to Susan will be greatly tested, for Jenny Graves is not only an attractive older woman …she’s a love-starved one.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Aric kan Ingan is a man without a country, exiled from Arcani he roamed for years homeless, alone and an addict until he started working at a mining colony for the Federation. It was there that he met Miles the brother of the woman who betrayed him and Susan Moran a doctor who he fell madly in love with, he loved her enough to break some of his vows.

At first Miles and Aric were enemies but that hate turned into a brother ship and now Aric is going to Terra with Miles before returning to Arcani and death. He wants a home and family with Susan something he can’t give her until he is once again a citizen of Arcani. Being and exile would bring disgrace to his future children. He is willing to face a horrid death for the possibility of returning to Susan and marrying her.

In Terra, Aric begins to learn more about Terrans and their way of life. He also meets Miles’ foster parents Jenny and Jack Graves who raised Miles after the death of his parents. What Aric never expected was an older woman who doesn’t hide her attraction to him. Jenny thinks nothing of walking into his room without knocking or showing up when he least expects it. He made a promise to Susan to be faithful, but Jenny is pushing some of his buttons.

Aric knows that his time is running out he will have to return home and hope that he can beg his uncle for forgiveness and prove he is not an enemy of the crown. Aric was betrayed by friends and family but hopes he will clear up everything and return to Susan, although he is realistically pessimistic about his chances.

I love this series, but I was disappointed in this book because I was looking forward to finding out what happened when Aric went back home which this book did not cover.

I know I will have to wait for the answers to what will happen to Aric when he returns home but I sincerely hope it is not a long wait.