Rest in Pieces Book Cover Rest in Pieces
Barbie: The Vampire Hunter Book 1
Lucinda Dark
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
November 25, 2019

Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust. If vampires kill your entire family, vengeance is a must.

I can’t say my parents never warned me about vampires. I just never believed them. Not—that is—until six months ago when vampires broke into my home and killed my family. Thanks to all the skills my parents taught me, I managed to escape but I couldn’t save them.

Two vampires down and the rest of the world to go.

My bid for revenge is going to have to wait, though, because until I turn 18, I’m being placed in the loving care of Elizabeth and Jonathan McKnight—godparents I didn’t even know existed. The clock is ticking until I can get back to my goal of eradicating the vampire race. But something is amiss at my new high school. According to my parents, vampires can’t walk in daylight. So, why then, does Torin Priest? If he’s not a vampire, then what is he? Because unlike the obnoxious asshole, Maverick McKnight, who sees me as some sort of bloodsucking leech on his wealthy family, Torin Priest is most certainly not human.

To stake or not to stake, that is the question.

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Let me see, I hate/detest love triangles, I hate teenage angst, I hate stories about teenage girls in high school and the social BS.  So why can’t I wait to get book 2 of this series???

The story, it is that simple. I loved the story, the back story, and the ongoing story in spite of all those things I hate. I just blew right through them and really enjoyed the story.Barbie is the teenager we could all learn to hate and trust me for a couple of chapters I thought I might give up and not finish since smart-ass teenagers are not among my favorite character types. But things change, you get drawn into a story that has some depth, and you enjoy the characters with all their flaws. Even though the repeated overdone anger at nothing grated on my nerves, the fact that it may be an actual teenage trait does not make me like it any better.

After much consideration I gave it 4.5 Stars mainly because it kept me interested and involved in spite of my own personal dislikes but if I were posting on Amazon I would round down to 4 but the ending chapter gave me hope for a brighter future since our heroine seemed to be getting her ass handed to her a lot. Looks like that part might change.