Revelations Out of Darkness Book Cover Revelations Out of Darkness
Secrets of Blood and Bone Book 2
Robert S. Sadler
Urban Fantasy
Robert S. Sadler
September 28, 2012

A few short years ago, Q was nothing more than a simple security guard working the night shift at the local hospital. Through an unbelievable series of events, Q discovers that he is not only a supernatural being, but one that is sired by royal blood!

Now that he has earned his rightful place as king of the Ogres through combat and blood, he has also found himself saddled with the responsibility of leading and caring for the entire Skira nation.

With enemies on all sides and a growing nation to worry about, he is suddenly summoned by a mythical being known as The Chancellor. He is to take part in a council of war with the Pravitka, the Rotu, and the Vampires.

Q has sworn to protect all those who would seek refuge from the cruelty of the other three monarchs. The only question is: can Q survive long enough to lead his people to victory and to save the human race from Hell on Earth?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the second book in the Secrets of Blood & Bone series, and they just keep getting better. I have never read a paranormal book about ogres, and the only ogre I was familiar with was Shrek until now. Quillen, aka Q, is an ogre you can’t help but love, and is the hero of this series. Since becoming the King of the Skira alongside his Queen, Zaina, Q has worked tirelessly to assure the safety of those he is responsible for. Now, unfortunately, war seems to be coming and things in the supernatural world will be bad, unless they stand up against their enemies the Rotu or Pravitka.

Before war can start, a Council of War is called for by the Chancellor, a being with the power of unmaking someone; he removes you from existence and you literally float around for eternity unable to do anything about it, it is the equivalent of a human’s hell. It is his responsibility to make sure all reigning monarchs attend, and to insure that sides are picked and rules and laws are established in order to keep the planet and its inhabitants from being destroyed. The meeting is held in Obsidian’s high rise stronghold, but things do not go as planned when the Queen of the Vampires makes an unexpected visit.

Mankind is in serious danger. War between the various supernatural species cannot be a good thing for humans. The only good thing to come from the war council meeting, was the Chancellor’s edict that it is okay for anyone wishing to join the Skira can do so without fear of reprisal. As soon as this is announced, thousands of new warriors came to join Q and the Skira increasing his army substantially.

Quillen spends his nights thinking of what he can do for his people and how he can help humankind and the Skira. He knows that he does not have an army as big as his enemy’s, but the one thing on his side is that his soldiers fight because of loyalty and love for their king, unlike the vampires who fight out of fear.

This is a wonderful series filled with amazing characters. We meet Viradoute, vampire zombie children who crave only supernatural blood, they are murderous and multiply like rabbits. They could mean the end of the supernaturals. There are shifters, not any shifters mind you, but ones that are snakes, dogs, and ones that can actually change sex. And of course, there is Quillen, Zaina and his friends, Rave and Rell. I never thought I could love an ogre, well other than my husband of course. Only kidding.

All I ask, is when is the next book coming out? I can’t wait. There are all sorts of surprises and betrayals, some that were totally unexpected. There is some explicit violence.