Riding Blind Book Cover Riding Blind
Hell Ryders MC Book 3
J.L. Sheppard
MC Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
May 2, 2018

Hell Ryders MC officer Bryce “Ripper” Knight never knew love until he met Em. Then she disappeared and he was lost. Now, years later, her cousin—a rival club leader—needs him to find her before his enemies do. Ripper has no choice but to protect her, but he’ll be damned if he lets her under his skin again. One look, though, and he can’t deny she still sets him aflame.

Leaving Ripper almost destroyed Emelia “Em” Kenna, but in the midst of a bloody club war, she couldn’t choose between the two men she loved most or raise the child growing inside her with a man who didn’t want to be a father. Suddenly, Ripper is back in her life, and she’s riddled with guilt over the secrets she’s kept. Everything’s changed except two things—the reason she left and the fire he ignites.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Bryce (Ripper) Knight grew up never knowing love but that changed seven years ago when he met and fell for Emelia Kenna (Em) the cousin of the Hell Ryders MC Chip. Chip was President of the Chained and as soon as Rip discovered that he and Em were nothing more than cousins he made her his. Unfortunately five years ago she left without a word and during that time things between the Chained and Hell Ryders had fallen apart. Once dealing in drugs and weapons Hell Ryders stopped but Chained kept going. Now Chip is in a coma after being shot by the new MC he joined up with the Falcons.

Chip has been searching for Em since she went missing and he left word with his club that if anything happened to him they were to get to Rip and have him find Emelia. There was never any doubt that the Falcons would go after his family and that was Em. Rip never expected to see her again but he would not let her be harmed but when he found her he got the surprise and shock of his life when a little girl ran up to him hugging his leg and yelling daddy you came I knew you would. For the five years that Em was missing she never let him know that she left pregnant and never let him know he had a daughter who he fell in love with at first sight. Briana (Bree) Emma Knight was four years old and Em gave her his name.

It was true he always said he didn’t like kids and never wanted to settle down but there was something else that led to her leaving him something she refused to reveal to anyone. Now all Rip wants is to get to know his little girl and make up for the time he wasn’t with her. He did nothing to hide his anger from Em but with Bree he was nothing but loving and caring. He missed out on so much with Bree and now he refused to ever do it again. Even once the danger from the Falcons was gone Bree would not be leaving and neither would Em.

This was a beautiful story about two people who were damaged because of their lack of communication. So much could have been prevented if only they talked to each other and if only Rip spoke openly of the love he had for Em. Can the past be left behind and can they begin again?