Ripples From a Random Act of Kindness Book Cover Ripples From a Random Act of Kindness
Shannon Bailey
Cozy Mystery, Romance (Clean Reads)
Shannon Bailey
November 24, 2019

Sarah Scott’s “Second Half” in Seattle was off to an underwhelming start.

But the day her path crosses with a kind stranger on the street, her world is turned upside down, and she finds herself drawn into the murkiness of murder and mystery.

Who was the kind young man named Adam? Was his death a random act of violence? Or was it a cold, calculated murder commissioned by The Gleann Group, the global environmental consortium in which he had ties?

Sarah soon discovers old habits do indeed die hard.

Her years as an investigative reporter has her mind working overtime and she’s instantly suspicious of everything and everyone. Especially The Gleann Group’s handsome attorney, L.P. Lynch. But despite her wariness of the enigmatic lawyer, she accepts his unusual offer and enters into an agreement with him.

One, Lynch claims, will satisfy her curiosity and answer all her questions.

As Sarah carefully navigates the strange circumstances in which she finds herself, feelings between her and Lynch begin to surface; just as a suspicious accident threatens to sink them both.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Forty-five year old Sarah Scott left her job as an investigative reporter and left Chicago for Seattle where she is a lifestyle columnist and where a year ago she decided it was time for a change, new city, new job and new friends. She has finally decided to get back out there and date after all her husband has been dead for years.

Unfortunately her attempts at finding a new man have not worked out very well and her latest disaster with a blind date would eventually change her life. So upset she locked her phone, umbrella and keys in the car and the only thing she could do was call a friend to bring her another set. She asks a nice young man to use his phone which he more
than gladly offers her he also recommends her going into the book store behind them where Miss Penny will gladly offer her a cup of tea and some home baked cookies. His name is Adam and he saved her day only it wound up costing him his life.

Adam was murdered and even though she is no longer an investigative reporter investigating is in her blood and she is determined to find out who murdered this nice young man. When she returned to the book store she discovered that Miss Penny has retired and left the shop to her daughter and when she tries to get information about Adam she is told in no uncertain terms to leave. It is Liam Lynch who stands before her insisting that the family does not want anyone investigating and to stay out of it. If she did as he said she never would have made it as an investigative reporter.

With no other choice Liam offers her a way to get all the information she wants but she has to sign a NDA and then and only then would he take her to a special place where he would reveal everything, well almost everything he still has secrets he is unwilling to share. Liam is part of the Gleann Group a group whose main purpose is to save the
environment and undo some of the damage already done to it. I won’t reveal what happens during the week that Sarah spends with Liam and the group but I will say that their feelings for each grow stronger each day.

The story is mostly told by Liam when he tells his friend the Sheriff what happened and the author did a wonderful job of showing just how a life can be changed by a simple act of kindness.