Rising Frenzy Book Cover Rising Frenzy
Men of Myth Book 2
Brandon Witt
M/M Sci-Fi Fantasy
DSP Publications
June 2, 2015

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This second book in the Men of Myth Series makes me squeal with joy!!!  This author has raised the bar for the second book, getting into his groove now, bringing more characters into the story for us to love. We still having the POV of the two young me Brett and Finn. Now separated, each going on their own life’s path.  It is imperative for the reader to read this story in order to understand the flow.

Finn the Warlock suffers tremendously through the loss of Brett, his confidence at its lowest and finds solace at The Square. That is a one block area of town which houses bars and clubs frequented by the paranormal. Finn uses his time to drown himself in Spor, an drug that numbs his mind to use the backrooms  of these places for indiscriminant sex. This is where Finn and the reader are introduced to Schwindt,  a beautiful Fairy.

Brett is under the sea, in a land of Mermen and Mermaids. From the moment he left Brett he went to the ocean, and here the reader is introduced to life under the waves. We first meet his father Theirn and now we learn and Brett learns the story of his past. We watch as Brett is painfully alone with only his own thoughts,  ostracized by this group for his Demon/Human/Mer makeup. It is here with great difficulty he has to learn how to speak without using his voice to communicate, to slowly making a life for himself with members of the group, and friends who eventually will respect him. It is here we meet Lelas a Mermaid who reminds him of Sonia who he has lost.

Mr Witt has so much to tell of this underwater life and I loved it. I loved the world of the Mers who can travel at will from one location to another, how they feed, how their world works. I loved seeing the growth of Brett and Finn being separate. I also loved to hear from Sonia and read thru her POV and what happened to her. Uggh worse than you could imagine….

I like this second book more than the first meeting many new characters. I do believe that the third book, the  next story is going to have  a big fat giant meeting of all the characters meeting up for a Big Show Down !!!  So Mr. Witt, Bring it!!!