Rising Magic Book Cover Rising Magic
Superordinary Society, Book 2
Tara Lain
LGBT, Paranormal, Gay, Romance, Witches/Wizards, Shifters
Dreamspinner Press
March 24, 2020

Even as a baby mage, Dash Mercury dreamed of going to Arcantaria, the barely whispered about school for superwizards. When he’s invited at eighteen, making him the youngest student in Arcantaria history, Dash is less excited because he has to leave behind the only good friends he’s ever had—Carla, BeBop, Khadija, Fatima, and most of all, the guy he loves, werewolf mage Jazz Vanessen. At Arcantaria, the other students treat Dash like dirt until he manages to join the exclusive Olympus Club… a group with an agenda. A scary one.

No one—not even the students—knows where Arcantaria is located, so Jazz is desperate when he picks up danger vibes from Dash. He and his friends set out to find the school and break in. When they realize what the club is training Dash to do—and the dire consequences if he succeeds—they know the human race is in danger, and they’ll have to step up and save it.

But first they have to save themselves.

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Reviewed by Xanthe

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The Superordinary Society is back with plenty of secrets to uncover and a romantic relationship to try and maintain.

Dash has been sent off to superwizard school whilst Jazz, Carla, Beebop, Khadija and Fatima carry on with life in New York. He’s completely cut off from the outside world and struggling to make friends; excelling in his classes. Meanwhile, Jazz is getting feelings of discontent and fear through his fuzzy link with Dash, knowing something is wrong and needing to find out what. Not knowing where to begin he turns to his friends, the Superordinary Society and they begin working together as plots and schemes emerge from both within the school and the outside world.

I actually found myself enjoying this book straight away, a little different from book one which took a little while to get in to. I felt that the story flowed much better, flitting between Jazz and Dash’s POV equally, and constantly moving forward in the same direction for everyone. The plot was very interesting with things occurring that slowly, over time, built and connected to give us the bigger picture. It’s an intriguing plot as you don’t know who you can trust, especially the higher ups in the school which gives that added air of mystery. Their enemy returns from book one but with new connections and methods of madness. New characters are introduced that you can instantly get a read on but then one or two surprise you with their intentions. Jazz and Dash’s relationship, though tested during their long time apart, is one of the catalysts with everything starting as their connection stops and starts through the barrier of the school. It’s clear for both young men that their feelings remain strong and they miss each other greatly.

Again, the group of people involved in the story really help to bring it to life. Jazz, Dash, Carla, Beebop, Khadija and Fatima are a trusted group of friends who know that they can rely on each other for support through anything but especially the supernatural. They also bring lightness when it’s needed—when the going is tough, or someone is particularly stressed. Jazz’s family are also big supporters of them all, and you know even with them just as background characters, that they would drop everything if it meant being there for Jazz or even one of his friends if needed.

It all makes for an entertaining read that I’m looking forward to reading more! There is mystery, new and old relationships developing, and action as Dash proves his worth. Little bits of everything bring the story together well and keep it interesting throughout.

I would recommend reading Rising Magic after Hidden Powers. The main character’s relationship and the friendship group are already established and the plot of the book follows on from book one.