Roadhouse Book Cover Roadhouse
Sons of Sanctuary MC, Austin, Texas Book 5
Victoria Danann
NA MC Romance
dba 7th House Publishing, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
March 29, 2018

CLOVER: How did I end up almost three hundred thousand dollars in debt? It wasn't as hard as it sounds.

I went to Colombia and studied anthropology. The perfect background to get a great job. Right? Okay. It was a stupid choice. As it turns out, one of several. But I was still a teenager when I picked a major. I've since learned that brains aren't fully developed until years later. A lot of good that information does me now. So I ended up answering phones at a third rate magazine. In New Jersey. When a duffel bag full of big bills showed up in my gym locker, I did what anybody with student loans would do. I paid them off.

It turns out that the money didn't come from my fairy godmother after all. Some goons stashed it in the wrong locker. For the mob. It probably won't surprise you to learn they want it back. So, again, I did what anybody would do. I ran. All the way to the Texas Hill Country. I mean, they wouldn't follow me there. Right? It's practically the Outback. Right?

Raze: It was Bike Night at my place, which meant it was crowded. But when she came through the door, she stood out like a neon sign. I didn't care that she looked lost or that she had unbelievably suckable curves. And it didn't occur to me to worry when she looked back over her shoulder. Should have, but it didn't.

The fact was, I needed help. Marjorie called in with some lame excuse, which meant she was fired. Employees can't bail on Bike Night. It's a cardinal sin. I don't really know what that is 'cause I'm not Catholic, but it's bad. I said, "You got any experience slingin' drinks?" She shook her head. I gave up a disgusted sigh. "You good with people?" She gave me a cute little smirk that's probably served her well up to now and shrugged. I shook my head, knowing I'd be sorry, and handed her an apron.

She took it, looked at it like she didn't know what to do with it. After a second of two she raised those big blue eyes to mine and said, "I don't have a place to stay." I looked away so she wouldn't think she had me by the balls and let go with a stream of cuss words in my head.

"Do a good job and you can sleep in the studio in the back. For tonight," I said. She gave me a hug like she was grabbing onto a lifesaver and filled my nose with her rainy green apple feminine shampoo smell. 'Course I didn't show it, but that hug knocked me on my ass. She was just some woman coming off the road. I knew this. But there was something... I pushed her away. "Just for tonight." My voice was gruff, sounded harsh. Good. She needed to know my Roadhouse was no plushy crash pad.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Clover Fields was like any other kid living for today and not looking to the future. She went to college accruing student loan debt and whenever a charge card was mailed to her went right out shopping. She married, divorced and was left with his debt as well. After all was said and done she was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. She knows that her life will consist of trying to get out from under until she finds a duffle bag in her gym locker stuffed with cash.

Clover didn’t take much thought as to how or why that bag was left in her locker but took it and paid off her debts. It wasn’t until she was faced with the truth of who the money belonged to and how her life was now in serious trouble that running became her only option and with no actual destination she boarded a bus and left town. Arriving in Texas her first order of business was to find a cheap car and that car would change her life.

Raze Rouen went through a hell of his own, raised by an uncle, married and divorced and time spent in the military. When he returned to his home town of Dripping Springs he was an empty shell especially after the death of his uncle. He spent his days and nights alone with a bottle until his friend Brash forced him to rejoin the human race. Brash and the others from the MC rallied around him and before he knew it he was the owner of a bar called the Raze & Ruin Roadhouse.

It was out front at the Roadhouse that Clover took possession of her new car only when she went to start it it wouldn’t start. She entered the Roadhouse looking for the seller and from that moment on two lives would change. Clover found herself with an apron working as a server replacing the waitress that did not show up and the next day Raze helped her with her car, a car that started right up for everyone but her.

What happened between Raze and Clover is something you would have to find out for yourself and believe me you won’t be sorry. Although this is the fifth book in the series and I haven’t read the first four there was no problem. Victoria Danann is one of my favorite authors and writes one of my favorite series The Brotherhood of the Black Swan and I am amazed that I never looked closer to see if there were other books she wrote a mistake I will not make again. I read this book in one day because it was that good. I now know that there is a lot of great reading ahead of me since I finally realized how there are other great series by Ms. Danann waiting for me.