The Rose And The Dragon Book Cover The Rose And The Dragon
Toni V. Sweeney
Class Act Books
August 4, 2016

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When Miranda Wilson went for an interview for a job as a nanny, she never could have expected how that job would drastically change her life.  She was hired by Dominic Andrus to watch over his ten year old triplets, Diana, Paris and Adrian.  She found herself living in an exclusive penthouse with her charges and their bodyguard.  Why did she and the triplets need a bodyguard?  Why did their older brother, twenty-six year old Niki carry a gun with him at all times?  But, these questions turned out to be nothing compared to what she would later discover.

Randa, as the family calls her, followed a normal routine with the children, watching TV, playing games and going out to visit museums and other educational activities, while Dominic Andrus was away in what Randa assumed was his home country.  Everything seemed to be going smoothly, until Dominic sent for her and the kids.  A man with the unlikely name of Kitten, Andrus came and escorted all of them to a waiting ship.  Miranda found nothing wrong with a beautiful sea voyage until the ship was shot at.  As scared as she was, what happened next was beyond her comprehension, the boat turned into a space ship and when she looked out the window she was “not in Kansas anymore”.

The Andrus family was not from another country, they were from another planet, the planet Gataeus.  As if that isn’t scary enough, the Andrus family is at war with their enemy the Talutis family and they are all in danger.  The Talutis family is run by Xandr Talutis a man determined to see the Andrus’ all dead. He is a man who is truly not playing with a full deck, especially when he is not medicated.  He is not a man that can be reasoned with or has any sympathy for others.  This is a feud that seems to have no end in sight which means Miranda will not be returned to Earth for quite a while.  Will she ever return?  Will she even survive the fighting?

Poor Miranda is now in the middle of a war and on an alien planet but she is determined to see it through and help if necessary since she is falling in love with Kit.  Even though Kit has been married seven times and has eight children, she wants him.

I really loved this book and Miranda and Kit especially.  Miranda accepted everything that happened to her and proved her loyalty to the family over and over again.  She was loved by the whole family, but was she loved by the one that mattered most, Kit?  Some of the most amusing parts of the book were when Miranda asked Kit questions about his being an alien, most of the questions are right out of a sci-fi movie. Of course, these are not your usual run of the mill, movie aliens.

This is a book is full of romance, mystery and many surprises and if you love sci-fi and romance this is the book for you.