Rule Breakers, Soul Takers Book Cover Rule Breakers, Soul Takers
Hell Runners Book 1
Jacqueline Jayne
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Hartwood Publishing
September 12, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Prudence Luckett is an empath and has been training for five years to be a Hell Runner for the Hell Runner’s Society. As a Hell Runner she would have a partner and they would enter Hell to release souls that were tricked and took the wrong path. Unfortunately for Prudence her father is the Chancellor and doesn’t seem too keen on his daughter putting herself in danger which he proves when her first assignment is a desk job.

Prudence decided to break the rules while her father was away and picked Jesse to be her partner. Jesse went on a run to Hell and returned without his partner Swift. Now noone wants to partner with him and like Prudence he is assigned a desk job something he is unwilling to take. Swift stayed behind on his own determined to hunt for and find Heaven’s Door, a door in Hell that leads to Heaven. Prudence needs to prove herself and removes Jesse’s letter of resignation from her father’s desk. Now all she has to do is convince Jesse to partner with her.

Prudence is not one to take no for an answer and after the first mission with Jesse she more than proves herself, now she has to convince her father that she belongs in the field not behind a desk. Fortunately for Prudence Jesse took video of all she has accomplished and her father is out voted, she is now a Hell Runner. While working together Jesse and Prudence have feelings that go beyond partners but Jesse has a secret that prevents him from pursuing Prudence a secret that could change everything.

Prudence is determined to find Swift and bring him back but she is constantly being discouraged by Jesse. Another secret that Jesse is keeping from her. Jesse and Prudence are one of the best teams and she proves herself over and over again until her father hands her her next assignment, bring out a child and leave his mother behind. Prudence is ready to do exactly what she has been instructed to do but once again when she finds out about the mother she is ready to once again break the rules.

There are tons of surprises and secrets and all is revealed. The love between Jesse and Prudence grows but can they finally give in to their feelings. This book takes us on a very scary visit to Hell and it is definitely the only visit I ever want to have except in the next book. Swift returns on his own and reveals information of a Prophecy one that involves Prudence, Jesse and him and it is urgent to find the Door. The search is on but not without danger and possible death.

I totally enjoyed this book and look forward to my next visit with the Hell Runners.