Rum Paul Stillskin Book Cover Rum Paul Stillskin
Laura Strickland
Fairy Tale, Medieval, Historical, Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
May 27, 2019

Abandoned as an infant at the edge of Dartmoor, Rum Paul Stillskin does not know his true name or parentage, but it's clear he's not completely human. The old man who raises him calls him evil. The village children, who throw stones, whisper the word faery. Shunned by all, he finds comfort in his rude, native magic, and tells himself he doesn't need love. Until he meets Mallie Goodman, who sees in him a wild beauty he cannot see in himself.

As they grow into adulthood, the bond between Mallie and Rum Paul deepens. When a cruel fate separates them, Mallie promises she will return to him, however long it takes. Twisted by loss, his long wait turns Rum Paul into someone Mallie never knew.

When Mallie returns, will lies and betrayal keep him from recognizing her? Will he ever believe he deserves love?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Rum Paul Stillskin began life abandoned as an infant in a garden. He was found by and old woman, Mrs. Stillskin and despite her drunken husband’s insistence to leave him, she took him in to raise. There was no doubt he was not a human, and the old man was convinced he was a fae. As he grew up, he met with all kinds of bullying from both the old man and the kids in the village. The only one that showed him love other than the old woman was Mallie Goodman, who saw beyond his looks and saw what was in his heart and soul.

Rum and Mallie’s love grew but she was expected to wed, and he was not her father’s choice. Rum had nothing to offer, no money and no prospects for the future. He managed to do as little as possible on the small farm, even though he had the strength to do whatever he wanted. Before long, Mallie had to leave with a promise to always return to him, a promise he was certain she would keep. The reason for her leaving I will not reveal in this review.

Rum did not age and as time went by, he waited for Mallie’s return and his wait lasted centuries. He was sure that his Mallie had returned when he saw her in the village and this is where some of the old fairytale we remember takes place, weaving straw into gold, the promise of taking the first-born child, and discovering his name to make everything right. Of course, that is only a part of the original story because this version is quite different, why he does what he does and if his Mallie has truly come back to him.

Rum Paul Stillskin is a character unlike in the original story that I grew to love and whose desire to be loved was heartbreaking. A wonderful story and if you like me love fairytales then don’t miss this one.