Runaway Brother Book Cover Runaway Brother
Icy Snow Blackstone
Class Act Books
August 3, 2016

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

At the age of twenty-two, Nick Liguori graduated from college with a bright future ahead of him, or so he thought. After suffering from several strokes, Nick’s father is totally incapacitated, and he insists that one of his sons always be with him. Being the second youngest, Nick is elected for the job. For eleven long years Nick is his father’s caregiver. He works all day at the family’s company and goes home every night to attend to his father. The life Nick dreamed of was now nothing but a distant memory. There was no time for him to have a girl in his life, and any kind of fun was denied him.

After Nick’s father’s death, he comes up with a plan to finally make up for the eleven years he lost caring for his father. Every minute of Nick’s time has always been accounted for, now he is determined to do what he wants, when he wants. His plan includes a Harley, a small bag of clothes and some Travelers checks. Heading south he unexpectedly runs across a large horse and his rider. Trying to avoid hitting them, he winds up in a ditch with a sprained ankle and a very messed up bike.

He is in Savannah, Georgia in a town called Oceano with no way to leave until his bike is repaired. Unfortunately, the repair will take weeks since the parts are not available, and the mechanic needs to finish some work first. With no hotels available in this small town he is directed by the mechanic to a ranch owned by a former rodeo rider, Gus McDaniel. Gus needs a ranch hand to help out and Nick applies for the job, which includes room and board. What Nick did not expect to find was that the owner’s granddaughter was the same woman that he almost ran down and the horse he will be helping out with is the same one he refers to as Tank, as in Sherman Tank.

Nick now finds himself doing work he never expected to do, mucking stalls and caring for the Arabian horse, who is actually called Shazzy. He finds that the people he meets are far more than he ever could have expected, especially his new boss, Gus’ granddaughter Sidney. He can’t seem to get her out of his mind, or the idea of taking her to bed, of course, eleven years without a woman can do that to a man.

While Nick is beginning to enjoy his new role as ranch hand, his brothers have brought in the police to search for him, convinced that he has either been kidnapped or killed. It is beyond them to believe that he would just leave on his own. But, the police, after several weeks of investigating are sure that Nick is on his own. Will his brothers believe the police? Will they keep searching?

This was a wonderful book where we find a man living a life that he never believed he could and enjoying it. He feels a need to help the McDaniel’s make the ranch a success and help keep those out to ruin them from being successful. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good love story filled with wonderful characters.